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5 Real Estate Lead Generation Case Studies

December 30, 2022 by Max Fisch

Sometimes, it’s good to take time and reflect on the successes and stories of others. You may just find something applicable to your own journey in the process. And sometimes, as in real estate lead generation, a little inspiration can go a long way. The most important thing is that you rise to the challenge, because once you find the right solution that works for you, then there is no limit to your success in real estate.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Case Studies

Each of these 5 real estate case study examples describe the lead generation problems they faced and the solutions that they came up with for them. See what they have to say below!

Nurture Leads with Online Lead Generation Software

Danny Murphy found success when he realized how important online lead generation was to his business. Danny went from software manager to realtor, and realized he couldn’t keep up with nurturing his leads after 8 years in the business. With the help of Zurple, he became the #1 agent for First Team Real Estate with $15-$20m in annual sales.

Read the real estate case study here.

Leverage CRM For Real Estate Leads

The next real estate lead generation case study is about how Havenpark, a manufactured home community (MHC), properly utilized Hubspot’s CRM platform to close over 6000 deals. Hubspot’s automated lead generation and marketing automation tools helped them to better view and engage with their potential leads. By properly leveraging technology, they were able to solve all of their biggest challenges.

Read the real estate case study here.

Lead Cliente Potencial Facebook

This real estate case study focuses on Nelson of and how he leveraged Facebook and Google for real estate lead generation and marketing. His real estate case study and story is very thorough and laid out and you’re sure to be able to find some ideas and inspiration for your own business, as he describes all his thought processes turning 2k of marketing expenditure into 50k real estate commission.

Read the real estate case study here.

Real Estate Retargeting Ads

This case study on real estate lead generation briefly describes the acquisition of 17,297 leads over a 6-month period. Lead generation for real estate agents, like the clients for Geonet, was made possible through the effective use of retargeting and geo-targeting ads.

Read the real estate case study here.

Real Estate Lead Generation Objective

The last real estate case study is about Geoffrey Okumu, who generated 42 leads in one week for his client, Hao Finder. He briefly describes how he achieved this through the use of Facebook ads set to the lead generation objective.

Read the real estate case study here.

Bottom Line

All of these real estate lead generation case studies show how effective use of technology enabled them to generate leads in real estate and properly solve their challenges. Sometimes it meant nurturing the leads they had, and other times it meant utilizing ads to generate new ones. The best solutions are often inexpensive, and once you can find it then you should stick with it because that’s what will work best for you.

If you would like more ideas on how to improve your real estate lead generation strategies then give us a message to start a hassle-free dialogue on how we can help you boost your leads, and fill your calendar with clients!

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