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5 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Make Their Mornings More Productive

December 26, 2022 by Max Fisch

Real estate is one of the most demanding industries, and this is especially true for the agents and investors who have to juggle so many tasks daily to stay at their best. It’s not easy, and even with a real estate team backing you, you still have to make great efforts to excel.

That’s why I want to cover 5 great ways here for you today, so that you can get more out of your mornings, and your entire day afterwards is the best it can be.

Sleep and Wake on a Regular Time Frame

According to study published in Nature, sleep regularity is positively associated with academic performance. This makes sense, because when we can block and schedule our days, we are able to accomplish much more than just casually flowing through them.

By sleeping and waking at regular times, we invite a host of beneficial effects like lower levels of cortisol, and adequate melatonin which keeps us going at a steady and productive rate throughout the day.

Don’t Go For The Phone

You probably woke up with your phone alarm this morning, which is alright, even if sleeping and waking at regular times will allow your body to wake up normally. But resist the urge to start checking all of your inboxes and notifications, at least for the first hour after waking up.

According to Dr. Nikole Benders-Hadi,“immediately turning to your phone when you wake up can start your day off in a way that is more likely to increase stress and leave you feeling overwhelmed.”

He continues by saying, “The information overload that hits [you] before you’re fully awake interferes with your ability to prioritize tasks.”

In short, your entire day is at risk of being hijacked and thrown off course before you’ve even left the bed. Instead of starting out with the morning phone checkup, let’s go onto our third way.

Get Into the Right Mindset

If we’re going to be off our phones for the first hour, then let’s take the time to get into the right mindset. The most effective way will vary between each individual, but this could take the form of visualizing or planning out how you want the day to go in your head, to even a focused short exercise or breathing practice.

For instance, studies show that slow breathing has a very positive effect on many bodily functions which can play a large role in your day if you have a regular practice of engaging it. Take the time to start slow and make your goals clear, and it will probably pay off for you.

Have a Fresh Dose of Sunshine

You’re probably already aware that sunlight is healthy for you. Just like most plants, we also need sunlight to be in our optimum state. Lack of sunlight is commonly associated with a vitamin D deficiency, but there’s much more to it than that.

The full profound health benefits of sunshine are well-documented, but Goodrx lists some of the more important ones: immune system regulation, strengthening of bones, an improved quality of sleep as well as overall mood.

In short, it’s a great idea, for your first hour while you’re off the phone and getting into the right mindset, to include some sun. Even if it just means opening your curtains, this will have very positive effect for you when done daily.

Drink Coffee – At The Right Time

Lastly, we all know how good coffee can be, especially when we’re tired. It can pick us back up and carry us through the day. But did you know, that by drinking coffee too early in the morning, we could actually be working against our bodies?

This is because our cortisol levels, a stress hormone, are highest in the morning. This is one of the main reasons we want to do all these other things anyway, and since caffeine further raises cortisol, we can be further amplifying the effect it has on our bodies.

The best time, according to most sources, is in the late morning. This, and the other practices mentioned here, will all give you an edge as you start your day and make it much more productive, which will benefit you more by the end, rather than rushing into your day.

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