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How Virtual Assistants Can Help You Manage Your Property

December 14, 2022 by Max Fisch

Global property management is expected to grow by a whopping 9.8% according to Fortune Business Insights, compared to the 9% decline it experienced from 2019 to 2020, the effect that the global pandemic has made on working remotely has been absolutely huge, spanning multiple levels and industries. People want to work remotely, and this growth can provide your property management business the perfect opportunity to hire experienced professionals that will scale it to new levels.

So, you might be wondering: “How can I use a virtual assistant to leverage my business?”

What a Virtual Property Management Assistant Can Do For You

An experienced virtual assistant that you can offload your tasks to can be invaluable to your business and growth. It is often the case that people in other industries have a difficult time finding work for their VA, but not in property management. In property management, there are numerous ways an assistant can help you because there is so much to be done, and most of it is performed online already. Consider these tasks to help you get started:

Training or Managing Property Management Software

With so many tools in our industry to make our work easier, we are bound to have a couple that we’ve adapted to, or a couple that we want to adapt to instead. A virtual assistant can help you by filling in the necessary data your system needs, or even help train others on your team on essential tasks, getting everyone up-to-speed faster and more efficiently.

Scheduling and Following Up

Being able to easily have an experienced customer-facing virtual assistant manage all your scheduling and follow-ups can be a huge help to you, as they will always be able to give their fullest attention to the needs of your clients, making them feel valued. Have your virtual assistant automatically schedule your important meetings, events, and correspondences, as well as the necessary follow-ups to potential clients you have difficult communication with.

Act as the First Correspondence for All Your Tenants

Whether it’s general questions or maintenance requests, these are simple queries that are better off not affecting our daily flow, but still require all the care in the world. You want everyone you serve to feel like they’re receiving world-class customer service, and a virtual property management assistant helps you do just that. Everyone will always be informed and needs such as maintenance can be quickly forwarded to the designated expert.

Better Property Management Marketing

There are so, so many things for project managers to do, and marketing is easily one of the most important. Additionally, there are so many ways to market! Have your virtual assistant help you manage your website, write engaging content, or keep your social media account fresh. When others see how active and engaged you are being, you will be able to further drive traffic and create more winning opportunities for your business.

Bottom Line

A virtual property management assistant can help you accomplish any number of things that you might consider delegating to someone else. These are just a few examples, learn more about how a professional real estate team can take your business to the next level and the variety of services that REPS has to offer you.

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