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6 Huge Benefits to Home Virtual Touring

December 16, 2022 by admin

If you’re not offering virtual home tours of the properties you are selling or leasing then you are missing out on participating in a cheap and effective platform and marketing tool that often performs exceedingly well. As more and more people choose to shop first for real estate online, virtual home touring allows for a wider net of capture, increases potential sales leads, and offers convenience to both you and your potential clients. Let’s take a look at 6 huge benefits that make virtual home tours so great.

A Showing for All

When you’re able to give a showing to every person interested in your property, then you dramatically increase the likelihood of closing a deal. Not everyone has the time or patience to attend in-person, which may go especially for you. By offering a virtual tour online, you’re able to showcase the property in best possible light, and that means that when you do get in-person showings, they are likely to be even more interested!

Always Open

Sometimes, a physical showing just isn’t possible due to time and schedule constraints, but a virtual home tour is always available for your clients to see. Day or night, they allow a wide filter that can be very valuable to you. Being always open means that your sales are always open as well, and your customers will appreciate the convenience and hassle-free viewing.

Gives More Information to Consider

A virtual home tour offers more data for your potential clients to work with and process than a listing alone. Instead of still pictures, or even simple text that can often be quickly bounced, a virtual tour of the property forces more face time with the viewer in the screening phase and allows them to see and consider more. They will have an opportunity to get a more accurate feel, and see the corners that are often skipped in photo showcasing.

Multi-platform Offering

Virtual home tours are a multi-platform offering spanning phones, personal computers, tablets, consoles, and more. It is a true broad marketing tool that ensures that anyone with any device has an opportunity to see what you have to show. Some people work exclusively with one device or another, and some people are simply shy. Being on multiple platforms, however, bridges the gaps that would otherwise separate two mutually interested parties.

Easy to Remember

Visual and video information is far easier to recall than words alone. Even after your potential client leaves your listing, they are much more likely to remember your virtual showing than any other property they read about that day. This is smart marketing! Even if the virtual tour is not one of your central offerings, just having it available gives nothing but huge benefits for you.

An Effective SEO Tool

Google and other search engines love it when video is offered, and having one available will definitely have a positive impact on your search ranking. Not only that, but they provide for a fantastic way to share the property on social media, further driving traffic to your listing. As more traffic flows into your website, you increase the likelihood of peripheral interest in your other content and offerings as well.

Bottom Line

Virtual home tours provide numerous benefits that anyone showing property shouldn’t chance themselves to miss out on. They can be one of the most effective tools you have at generating interest and giving you the opportunity to close big, they are cheap to produce, and give you a higher ROI than what a simple listing can provide.

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