REPS is more than virtual assistance, it is outsourcing made specifically for the needs of real estate professionals.

Do not settle for general talent, REPS can help you achieve all of your sales and development goals with our specialized real estate assistants.

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What is REPS

Founded in 2018, REPS is your home for the best available real estate assistants that you can leverage to get all you need done and achieve your growth goals: daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Since its founding, REPS has delivered first-class service to hundreds of realtors. Growing a real estate business is never easy, and as trends change regularly, it is vitally key that real estate professionals stay ahead of the curve. REPS is able to provide you with quality assistants that can help in all the various aspects that your business requires. Sales, CRM, social media, content creation, and so much more.

A consultation with us is free and easy to make, and we can evaluate how we can best serve your needs. Once you are set up with the assistance you need most, REPS can then begin to chart out how to grow you further until you are completely comfortable with your business.

what is reps

"Max & his team at Real Estate Project Solutions are top of the line when it comes to providing customer service. They not only provide quality VA's for your business already fully trained and ready to go, but also make sure thay they help you build a system to make sure their callers or lead managers fit into your business as efficiently as possible." - Lenny P.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Real estate virtual assistants at REPS are all qualified and talented individuals who come pre-vetted and trained to handle the tasks you need them to do. You can hire a REPS VA to fully manage or to perform a standalone service, and they can work as little or as much as your needs require.

trained real estate professional

Trained Real Estate Professionals

Our REVAs are trained by experienced real estate veterans.

service availability 24/7

24/7 Service Availability

LREPS offers 24/7 service availability to all of its clients.

cost-efficient and cost-effective

Cost-efficient and Cost-effective

Save time and money on our quality, affordable real estate assistants.



Our virtual assistants are both specialists and generalists with a wide-array of skills.

multiple language fluencies

Multiple Language Fluencies

All of our assistants are English fluent and many bilingual with Spanish and more.

adaptive and flexible

Adaptive and Flexible

Our assistants are flexible to your needs and can adapt on the fly to your specific needs.

long-term compatibility

Long-term Compatibility

We match you with the best assistants for your needs and with long-term growth in mind.

Managed or on-demand service

Managed or On-demand Service

Choose between fully managing your REVA or on-demand, as-needed services.