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Why should I choose REPS for my real estate team?

Outsourcing your needs to REPS ensures you talent at a far better rate than hiring real estate professionals in-person, without sacrificing quality of work. Our rates also tend to be just as low as our competitors, but all of our assistants are trained especially for dealing with real estate and go through various curriculum in their onboarding process to ensure this high quality standard. In addition to meeting key performance indicators, our assistants strive to offer the highest levels of communication with you so you are always clear on their work and what is being delivered.

What are your service hours?

We offer 24/7 service to our clients.

What if I'm too busy to train my assistant on what I need done?

This isn't a problem because you will be matched with an assistant that is already familiar with real estate and the nature of the work you need done. If the assistant's style of work differentiates from your own, then you only need to tell them how you would like it done and they will be able to adjust accordingly.

How will I know if my assistants are doing a good job?

Quality assurance and 100% client satisfaction are our highest priorities, and we employ various tools to ensure that all of our assistants are completing their assigned tasks on time for you. Additionally, you will have a free line to communicate with them all of your requirements on an on-going basis, and all assistants are trained to respond timely.

I am interested in outsourcing some tasks to an assistant, but how long does it take to get started?

Depending on your hiring needs you could have your first real estate assistant onboard the same day of contact, but typically the process takes 3-5 days.

Are there any services you are not able to provide?

With regards to real estate, we have assistants that can help you in every aspect of your business. If you can think of delegating it, then we have someone that can help you. If none of our assistants can provide you with the precise service you're looking for, then as long as you are willing to provide them with a brief training, then we can pair you with the assistant that has the closest skill set to help you.

Can I apply to work for Real Estate Project Solutions?

We are always seeking talent to help our real estate clients' work easier, and lives more enjoyable. Due to the highly demanding work load that real estate professionals experience on a daily basis, virtual assistants are able to provide the perfect amount of leverage they need to scale effectively. As we have very high standards for the work we provide to our clients, please understand that we are very selective about who we hire as assistants.

If you're interested in applying, please visit our recruitment page at to see our current list of available openings.


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Will I be assigned to a single REPS VA, or multiple?

Initially, you will only be assigned one which is based on your most immediate needs. Since our assistants usually have a few focus areas and a good general skillset, then if you choose to fully manage them, another assistant probably will not be necessary until you are fully able to leverage your first.

However, when you are able to maximize the utility your first REPS VA can offer you, then you should consider having another assigned to you. We encourage our clients to treat our assistants as their own team, as they will definitely be treating you as theirs.

How does your pricing work?

Price depends on your specific needs and whether you need a flexible, on-demand assistant to help you or a full-time managed one. Our assistants have different primary roles, and you can expect to pay much more for someone that is able to consistently close deals for you, versus someone who you can rely on for back-office tasks. However, rates at REPS tend to be competitively lower than most placement agencies and you can definitely expect to pay less than hiring locally.

How are your real estate virtual assistants trained?

You can read about our training process here. All of our VAs attend REPS Academy, upon orientation with a specific curriculum, and on an on-going basis when new content arrives so that their skills are continually honed. REPS Academy is the reason that our team is able to deliver consistent results to you and we are always looking for ways to expand what it offers.

I am interested in hiring some assistants to make cold calls on a regular basis, but how will I know that the agents are performing well?

As customer satisfaction is our highest priority, we constantly employ numerous methods to ensure that all calls are handled in the most professional manner possible. Our supervisors listen in to live calls and give instant feedback to our agents. Additionally, our phone system closely tracks hold time, talk time, and several other statistics, which are reviewed by management on a daily basis.

How quickly can I expect my delegated tasks to be completed?

REPS is committed to delivering its services on deadline and communicating clearly to you throughout the process. TAT will vary depending on the tasks involved, but for most tasks you can expect same day service, up to 48 hours. Larger projects will have longer timeframes but will always be openly discussed with you before work begins.

How will I communicate with my real estate virtual assistant?

All of our assistants utilize many communication tools, but we primarily do so through Email, Slack, and Zoom. If your business has a communication medium that it prefers then our assistants can adopt using it for you.