Training for all REPS assistants has been carefully created by professionals experienced in real estate and VA management. REPS is proud to invest in furthering the education of its assistants on an on-going basis, and to this end has created REPS Academy, a hub for educational material and training which will only grow more in time to accommodate increasingly more complex lesson topics.

You can also rest assured that our sales and lead generation teams are constantly improved and skills honed through the active use of coaches that assistants can rely on for advisement and growth. Coaches, as well as our software tools, monitor each call with our clients in order to identify key points of improvement, making for an environment that fosters constructive criticism and bettering daily.


REPS Selection Process

The hiring process for REPS is one which is highly selective. On average, only 3-5% of applicants are admitted, and this is because REPS wants to make absolutely sure that they are bringing on only the best talent which will be fully capable of handling the unique needs of its real estate clients. From those that are selected, applicants are further tested on their communication and problem-solving abilities which further refines our talent pool. The result is REPS being able to offer the best talent possible, who are both adaptive and flexible to changing needs on the fly and who always do everything they can for 100% client satisfaction.