REPS has helped hundreds of real estate businesses build foundations for real growth.

REPS sets you up for success by covering all your bases, this makes it easier to scale your business no matter what level it's at.

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Why Choose REPS

Real Estate Project Solutions distinguishes itself from the rest by focusing solely on enriching the lives of real estate professionals. Instead of providing only general assistance to your needs, we careful select candidates in order to employ specialized teams capable of tackling tasks that are essential for real estate businesses. With our help, it's easy to achieve growth and ROI that well exceeds initial investments. The best part is all the stress taken off of you as your business becomes more automated and diversified.

what is reps

"Every player on your team has been on point, quick, effective & efficient in their service & communication and we are more than pleased with the work they've produced thus far." - CJ H.

What Makes REPS Different?

REPS is not a generalist placement agency, we provide specialists that understand the real estate industry.

highly trained

Trained and Managed by Real Estate Veterans

REPS is owned and managed by real estate veterans that train assistants to be your agents for positive change.

highly focused

Focus on Sales and Lead Generation

Most placement agencies don't dare put their VAs on the sales line, but ours understand it the best.

highly Trusted

Trusted by Hundreds of Real Estate Professionals

Come see why we've been able to change so many real estate businesses for good.

very cost-efficient

Cost-efficient Dedicated REVAs

Our assistants are devoted to the work they do and are available at an attractive price.