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Real Estate CRM Software for 2023: The Key to Building Strong Client Relationship

May 5, 2023 by admin

It’s very easy to get lost in the chaos of the real estate industry when there is an endless list of things to manage. Every day, real estate professionals need to make and receive phone calls, emails, and text messages from clients and prospects. Plus, they need to be physically present for appointments, home viewing, and other processes needed for buying and selling properties. Manually tracking these lists of clients and need-to-do activities, like using Microsoft Excel, can result in opportunities being missed. Searching through a disorganized spreadsheet to track your client information is the last thing you want to do. But with a powerful real estate CRM solution, real estate professionals can keep track of their clients and make it easier to manage their workflow.

Real Estate CRM software (CRM) is an essential tool for every real estate professional. It is an online database that aids in contact management, and saves time for manual data entry. It allows real estate professionals to manage their contacts, schedule appointments, and track leads in one central location. Depending on your business needs, some CRMs come with automated marketing tools that enable targeted email campaigns and personalized messages.

Let’s go over some of the best real estate CRM that you can use in your business.

Real Estate CRM Solutions for 2023

Real estate professionals may build relationships and make data-driven decisions by using real estate CRM solutions as a single source for prospect and client information. It is a powerful tool to effectively manage a strong pipeline while saving time and effort. Let’s check on some of the best real estate CRM for investors, real estate agents, and commercial.

Best CRM for Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors are those who purchases, owns, and manages property for profit. This could include flippers, wholesalers, or retailers. Investors often specialize in fast cash sales and thus will need real estate CRM software to manage their leads. Below are some of the best CRM for real estate investors.

InvestorFuse – Best for Automating Campaigns

InvestorFuse is a lead management CRM system that aims to assist investors in closing more deals. It is not just a platform but an all-in-one real estate CRM solution. InvestorFuse offers the following features:

  • Provides step-by-step actions and processes for the sales pipeline.
  • Create your own categories for your leads, then decide which categories your users can access.
  • Automated KPIs to track them correctly.
  • Integration with 75+ REI Tools.
  • Access employee scorecards to understand their performance.
  • Customize follow-ups with Resurfacing rules to bring back leads.
  • One screen display to see all the details.

REsimpli – Best All-in-One CRM

Developed by Sharad Mehta – an experienced investor from Lake County, Indiana, REsimply has the following key features:

  • Automated drip campaign
  • Analytics
  • Built-in phone system
  • E-signatures
  • Automated task management
  • List stacking
  • Zapier integration
  • Mobile app

Podio – Best Free CRM

Podio is one of the most customizable CRM and offers unlimited free usage for up to 5 people. Key features are below:

  • Sales pipeline automation tools
  • Task management tools
  • File sharing
  • Workflow creation
  • Large number of integrations
  • Mobile App

Deal Machine – Best for Wholesalers and Flippers

Deal Machine provides real estate investors with a potent tool for text message marketing as part of the CRM. Finding properties, developing marketing strategies, and getting in touch with property owners are all made easier with the aid of this program.

  • Owner lookup
  • Enhanced property search
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Mobile App
  • List builder
  • Real estate AI assistant
  • Driving for dollars software

Best CRM for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents and Realtors are licensed professionals who help clients buy, sell, or rent properties. Unlike real estate investors who are more focused on generating returns on investment, real estate agents and Realtors are primarily focused on helping clients achieve their real estate goals. By having the best CRM for real estate agents and Realtors, they can build relationships with clients, understand their needs and preferences, and provide personalized service.

Zillow Premier Agent CRM – Best for Client Insights

Zillow Premier Agent CRM allows real estate agents and Realtors to see clients’ search activity. It is directly connected to Zillow and its key features include listing exclusivity, tasks, custom notes, reminders, and the availability of a mobile app.

Wise Agent – Best CRM for Agents and Realtors on a Budget

Wise Agent CRM has tools for managing an agent’s business from the initial cold contact to contract acceptance and closing. A real estate agent may therefore develop systems, campaigns, and processes to handle a customer at any stage of their conversion journey using the platform. It also offers advanced automation, time-management features, smooth transaction administration, and a consolidated database for all of your customer information.

Follow-up Boss – Best for Integrations

Follow Up Boss is a real estate CRM that is meant to help every agent become a high-performing agent. Auto-sending email, inbound and outbound call management, and automatic text messaging are all available in a single streamlined interface. This software boasts lead imports from 200+ sources including Zillow,, and

Lion Desk – Best for Transaction Management

Lion Desk simplifies client management by consolidating emails, phone calls, and texts into a single, searchable platform. Some features include auto drip campaigns, bulk text messages, video communication, task reminders, AI lead assist, multiple pipeline transaction management, and multi-channel campaigns.

Commercial Real Estate CRM

Commercial real estate is a large sector that includes office buildings, shopping malls, industrial sites, and multifamily structures. Commercial real estate transactions, in comparison to residential real estate, are frequently bigger, more complicated, and include more stakeholders, including bankers, developers, and investors. While there are some similarities between commercial real estate CRM and CRMs for real estate agents and investors, there are also some key differences that set them apart.

Real estate agent and investor CRM frequently has capabilities like lead management, contact management, and marketing automation and are specifically designed for a residential estate. Commercial real estate CRM on the other hand is tailored specifically to the needs of companies and investors involved in commercial real estate transactions.

Salesforce – Award-Winning Commercial Real Estate CRM

Salesforce’s commercial real estate CRM is a completely cloud-based, adaptive, versatile, and user-friendly application. With this CRM, agents and businesses can quickly and easily gather, analyze, and retrieve unlimited amounts of data. Features including contact management, opportunity management, lead management, email integration, sales forecasting, and file sync and share are designed based on the daily operation of commercial real estate brokers.

HubSpot CRM – Designed to Grow Businesses

The CRM platform from HubSpot provides all the features and integrations required for content management, sales, marketing, and customer care. Companies can use it to report on revenue sources, evaluate the productivity of their sales teams, and estimate revenue. Key features include reporting dashboard, customer profile software, pipeline management, appointment and meeting scheduler, sales automation, and live chat.

Zoho – A Software for the Entire Business

With the ultimate goal of increasing revenue, Zoho assists businesses in converting more leads and interacting with their clients via chat software, email, and social media. This platform provides real-time reports and insights, automation, Zoho AI, process management, lead scoring, collaboration, and document management.


What is the best CRM software for real estate?

There are several CRM software options available for real estate professionals, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Review and compare the features listed above, and contact us if you need any clarification.

How does Real Estate CRM software help in lead generation?

Real estate CRM helps generate leads by centralizing the database, automating marketing tasks, and providing insights into business performance.

Is real estate CRM software secure for Realtors?

Real estate CRM software is created with data encryption and access control. Beyond the technical measures that are embedded in them, real estate professionals should also follow best practices to ensure the security of their real estate CRM software by using strong passwords, not sharing their login credentials with people other than their trusted partners and assistants, and regularly reviewing access logs to identify potential security breaches.

Can real estate CRM software be customized to fit my business needs?

The short answer is YES. Many real estate CRM software options offer customization options that allow you to tailor the software to fit your business needs.


Selecting the best real estate CRM software requires careful consideration of the features, user interface, customer support, pricing, security of the software, and the goals of the business. To make sure an option suits your goals and works well with your workflow, it’s a good idea to test out a few before settling on one.

Take note that real estate CRM software is not just about organization and efficiency. It helps in building better relationships with clients. With the help of CRM software, real estate agents, investors, Realtors, or brokers can offer tailored recommendations and provide a more personalized experience to their clients.  Customers are more likely to come back and recommend businesses to their friends and family when they feel heard and seen.

With Real Estate Project Solutions (REPS), we offer personalized CRM recommendations and individualized solutions for your business needs. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the challenges of real estate, and we leverage our expertise to provide you with the best real estate CRM solutions available.

Transform the way you manage your real estate business and take it to the next level with REPS. Contact us now to learn more.

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