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In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence has become paramount. Having a physical storefront or a traditional marketing plan is no longer sufficient. Businesses, organizations, and individuals can all benefit from having an online presence. And to achieve this, you need to drive more traffic to your website. One of the tools that can help you build a strong presence online is AccuRanker.

What is AccuRanker?

AccuRanker is a cloud-based SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool used by digital marketers, SEO professionals, and website owners to track their keyword rankings and monitor their website’s performance in search engine results.

It provides users with the ability to categorize data into different segments, such as keywords, tags, landing pages, or custom views. This categorization allows for a more organized and structured analysis of the data, making it easier to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. Users can then share these segmented data sets with team members, facilitating collaborative analysis and decision-making. With this, users can take targeted actions to optimize their online presence and improve their SEO strategies.

Main Features and Benefits of Using AccuRanker

AccuRanker’s comprehensive features and actionable insights empower you to take your SEO game to the next level and achieve outstanding results for your company. Let’s take a look at the key features of this tool.

Centralized Dashboard: AccuRanker’s dashboard provides users with a complete overview of vital data relevant to their SEO success. This offers essential indicators such as the total number of tracked keywords, the average ranking position, the share of voice, and a ranking distribution breakdown. AccuRanker allows customers to easily monitor the overall health and progress of their keyword ranks, acquire insights into their market share, and discover any major swings or patterns by providing these important details in a centralized dashboard.

Updated Keywords: Unlike other rank-tracking applications that limit data updates to daily or weekly reports, AccuRanker allows you to refresh keyword ranks whenever you choose. While the platform updates data automatically on a daily basis, AccuRanker takes it a step further by allowing customers to get up-to-date information whenever they need it. This means that users can get real-time insights and the most up-to-date rankings whenever they need them, allowing them to make fast decisions and adapt quickly to changes in their SEO landscape.

Customizable and Automated Reports: You can tailor the reports to your preferences to focus on the specific information that is most relevant to your needs. Furthermore, it has automated reporting features where you can set up regular report generation and delivery, eliminating the need for manual report compilation.

Competitor Analysis: AccuRanker allows you to watch and track both familiar and new competitors. AccuRanker not only allows you to manually enter competitor domains, but it also automatically finds websites that frequently show in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) you monitor. This function enables thorough competition tracking, allowing you to stay current on the competitive landscape and find emerging competitors you may not have been aware of earlier.

SERP Feature Analysis: AccuRanker sends out timely updates when new Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features are added and highlighted possibilities to rank for them. When your website successfully achieves a SERP feature, such as a featured snippet or a knowledge panel, the tool notifies you, allowing you to track and celebrate your efforts in getting valuable visibility on search engines. AccuRanker also alerts you when possibilities to target and rank for specific SERP elements that you haven’t yet secured arise. These notifications allow you to capitalize on untapped opportunities, optimize your content, and increase your chances of ranking high in search results.

Integrations and REST API: Integration with Google Analytics, Search Console, and Data Studio, allows for effortless connectivity and data synchronization. This enables users to access and evaluate a wide range of data from many sources inside a unified platform. Furthermore, with REST API, you can effortlessly connect AccuRanker’s powerful SEO capabilities to your preferred systems, enabling a smooth flow of data and enhancing the overall functionality of your custom dashboard or other tools.

User Experience with AccuRanker

AccuRanker prioritizes delivering an amazing user experience so that users can easily operate the application. Its sleek and uncomplicated design makes it simple to locate all of the required tools in the left-hand toolbar.

Unlike other systems, AccuRanker streamlines the user experience by showing all essential information and functionality immediately on the loaded page. While AccuRanker is designed for desktop use, it also provides a user-friendly on mobile devices. The solution has quick load speeds on both desktop and mobile, ensuring that users can access their data and complete tasks quickly regardless of the device they are using. This mobile adaptability enhances the convenience and flexibility of AccuRanker by allowing users to stay connected and make data-driven decisions while on the road.

Pricing Structure

Accuranker offers a pricing structure that aligns with the number of keywords you intend to track, providing flexibility and scalability based on your specific needs. The pricing plans to cater to a range of budgets, ensuring there’s an option for every user. The most affordable plan, when paid annually, starts at $116 per month. This pricing model allows users to select a plan that suits their requirements and budgetary considerations while accessing Accuranker’s comprehensive suite of features and benefits. Furthermore, it offers a 14 day trial with 100 keywords to check how it will work for you.

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Review Summary


Accuranker includes all of the necessary elements for an excellent rank-tracking application. It provides a robust collection of features that enable customers to track keyword ranks, analyze performance, and receive important insights into their SEO efforts. Features such as competition analysis, customizable reports, and interaction with other critical tools are available to users.   One area where Accuranker may improve its product is by adding scheduling options for keyword refreshes. Currently, the program does not include built-in functionality that allows users to schedule certain times or intervals for automatic keyword ranking updates. Due to the lack of scheduling capabilities, users may have to manually conduct keyword refreshes when necessary.

Ease of Use:

Accuranker stands out as a user-friendly and feature-rich SEO rank tracker. Its intuitive design, along with convenient features like the quick switcher and sidebar, sets it apart from other rank trackers that often suffer from subpar designs. Its attractive interface makes it a pleasure to navigate and use, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

Customer Service:

Accuranker offers multiple channels for customer support, including chat, email, and phone, ensuring that users have various options to seek assistance when needed. Users have expressed high satisfaction with the live chat feature, noting its prompt response times and helpfulness in resolving queries.

Value for Money:

Accuranker is a top-tier rank tracker, offering a combination of sleek design, continuous improvement, and robust functionality. It delivers fast, accurate results and provides excellent value for money.

Overall Rating: