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Cold calling in the real estate industry is the art of dialing random numbers, crossing your fingers, and hoping to get in touch with a lead who wants to buy or sell a property. It is one of the lead generation strategies that require an agent to make endless calls to prospects on different campaigns. Despite its challenges, cold calling offers a direct and immediate way to reach potential clients.

Cold calling requires the ability to connect with a large number of people efficiently. And this is where Batch Dialer revolutionized the process.

Batch Dialer simplifies the tedious and time-consuming task of manually dialing multiple phone numbers. Read on to explore the functionalities of this innovative tool and discover the benefits it can give to your business.

What is Batch Dialer

Batch Dialer is a cloud-based progressive auto dialer designed to increase corporate efficiency and productivity. Investors, lenders, and real estate experts utilize it to reach out to homeowners and possible sellers.

Batch Dialer uses AI-driven call routing and predictive dialing where it uses an algorithm to predict the availability of agents and automatically dials multiple numbers simultaneously.

Main Features and Benefits of Using Batch Dialer

Batch Dialer has tons of useful features. Below are some of the popular features of the platform:

Predictive Dialer Features

As discussed above, Batch Dialer uses algorithms to eliminate an agent’s idle time. With AI-Driven call routing, doesn’t just forward calls at random. It employs real-time analytics to decide when to connect calls and only does so when a lead replies. Additionally, it uses pacing technology to recognize when a call is about to end and then dials the next lead in the list.

Live Call Monitoring and Call Recording

All calls made on the platform are automatically recorded. Real estate team leaders can also discreetly join live calls and monitor agent status.

Answering Machine Detection and Call Campaign Management

Batch Dialer’s answering machine saves time and increases agent productivity as it is adjusted to recognize and drop busy tones and voicemails from answering machines after around 3.5 seconds. Thus, only successfully connected calls are rerouted.

With its simple and customizable dialing campaigns, users can set the number of assigned calls per agent, the ring duration, the number of redials, the maximum number of times to dial a single number per day for every record, and the abandonment timeout rate.

Local Numbers and Automated Phone Scrubbing

Batch Dialer automatically changes the phone number with an area code that matches a lead’s physical location to improve acceptance of the calls.

When a list is imported to the platform, it automatically scans the list and identifies duplicates, numbers of the federal Do Not Call registry list, and TCPA plaintiffs’ and litigators’ numbers.

Built-in CRM

Batch Dialer is equipped with a built-in CRM that enhances its functionality and provides an organized workflow of the communication process. With the integrated CRM, users can easily manage and organize contacts, track interactions, and maintain vital customer information in one centralized platform. This integration ensures that the team has all the necessary details at their fingertips while making calls to make personalized conversations and foster stronger customer relationships.

User Experience of Batch Dialer

Batch Dialer’s user experience is meant to simplify and improve the communication process, giving users a seamless and efficient tool to connect with their contacts and easily achieve their communication goals.

Pricing Structure

Batch Dialer offers a 7-day free trial. Their plans include a single-line dialer at $89 per month per agent and a multi-line dialer with up to 10 lines at $139 per month per agent.

Review Summary


For enterprises that rely on efficient and successful communication, Batch Dialer is a perfect tool. It increases productivity, saves time, and enables tailored encounters by automating the dialing process. Its comprehensive functionality and scalability make it a must-have tool for enterprises of all sizes, enabling teams to easily meet their communication goals.

Ease of Use:

Batch Dialer is a straightforward and easy-to-use platform. It’s the perfect solution to having a solid business line when dialing out to new clients. It does take some time to understand all of the features included in the platform to maximize its full potential.

Customer Service:

Batch dialers can be contacted via their toll-free phone line for immediate assistance. For inquiries, support tickets can be submitted on their websites. Training materials are also available on their knowledge base page. Users specifically love the support community that comes with along with the software where you can watch and participate in masterclass and webinar trainings for free.

Value for Money:

With all the features packed into one platform, Batch Dialer is indeed worth the money. However, keep in mind that the platform offers price plans based on the number of agents, and the greater your team, the higher the charges.

Overall Rating: