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When a company launches a marketing campaign, most of the time is spent digging into analytics and processing the data. When an investor in the Real EstateIndustry posted a marketing campaign using different channels like Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, and email marketing and people will start responding by calling the number that is in the campaign, how long will it take to verify which are good leads and which are bad leads? How long will it take to listen to the call recordings? And with this scenario, how long will it take to finalize the data analysis to know how effective the campaign is and what needs to improve and such?

Calculating the return on marketing efforts can be difficult. To help focus on the efforts and use the resources more effectively, CallRail strives to remove the guesswork from analyzing the advertising and marketing activities.

What is CallRail?

CallRail is a platform for call tracking and analytics. Businesses can evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives and improve the performance of their campaigns thanks to the detailed information it provides into call source, call duration, caller geography, and other factors.

Main Features and Benefits of Using CallRail

Tracking calls is the core feature CallRail has to offer for Real Estate businesses, but there is more than that that it can offer to get the most out of it.

Each Plan has add

• Email Notification:

When there is a lead, users are informed through email, and a timeline of site visitors’ activity and surfing habits is displayed. This gives users the ability to determine which of their marketing efforts are responsible for most of the calls they receive.

• Software Integration

CallRail interfaces with top marketing and business applications to fit naturally into your workflow. Some of these are Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Ads, Facebook – Meta, Instagram, Wix, Zapier. You can check the list of integration for CallRail by clicking this link.

• Dynamic Number Insertion

This is one of CallRails call tracking features where a unique number is assigned to each of the advertising sources. This will be the number that the visitors will see when they visit the website. Using cookies helps track online activities and helps in understanding offline behavior.

• Conversion Intelligence

Using AI, calls are automatically transcribed which helps in showing keywords. This makes it easier to evaluate calls and measure the quality of your leads. It can show how often the words are mentioned and if it affects the business in a positive or negative way.

• Advanced Reporting

CallRail offer many advanced reports that help Real Estate professionals to analyze their data. These can be categorized into Acquisition Reports, Behavior Reports, and Custom Reports. Acquisition Reports organize data from calls, text, and forms and break down total usage into useful categories for attribution. It also shows sources of calls to know the performance of every campaign. Behavioral Report show highlights, key terms, and time stamps. This report can help in forecasting the peak hours of calls. Custom Reports allows you to create a set of filters that you can use to extract your reports.

User Experience of CallRail

Callraill promises real-time tracking which means it is fast, reliable, and accurate. Most users of the platform are satisfied with the functionality and ease of use. It has a user-friendly interface and helps create reports immediately. Furthermore, it is easy to set up. Every plan has additional features that users can choose from based on their business needs. The platform is available online, in Google Play and Apple Store which makes it easy for Real Estate professionals to follow up with leads in real-time.

CallRail Pricing Structure

There are four plans available for CallRail. The basic plan that includes call tracking is priced at $40 per month, Call Tracking Intelligence is $85 per month, Call Tracking + Form Tracking is $85 per month and Call Tracking Complete is $130 per month. All the plans include a 14-day trial period.

Review Summary


CallRail features make it easier to record, monitor and create reports for leads. With its vast integration, it is a tool that can seamlessly be added to the existing platforms. Take note though more features are added as the plan upgrades. While most online reviews are positive, there are a few complaints about numbers not being tracked on the phone calls received from some marketing channels, missing integrations, and more options in customizing reports.

Ease of Use:

CallRail has a user-friendly platform and is easy to set up. As compared to RingCentral MVP, Aircall, DialpadTalk, Salesloft, Gong, and Sharpsping, CallRail has a faster response in pulling up reports which makes it faster to receive ROI.

Customer Service:

Compared to its competitors; Call Tracking Metrics and Invoca, CallRail is better when it comes to customer support response. They give straightforward answers and gives details on how CallRail can help in reaching their goals.

Value for Money:

CallRail has a good reputation and has over 200,000 users. This makes it a credible call-tracking platform and every upgrade is worth the price tag.

Overall Rating: