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Speed reigns supreme in this time of digital innovation. So just imagine having a platform that harnesses the same agility as a flash of lightning. Enter CallTools – a system that quickly moves to connect to as many prospects as possible just like how a lightning strike travels at an astonishing speed. The goal is to increase the calling rate and accelerate sales revenue.

But speed alone does not define this platform’s capabilities. It has an inbuilt ability to adapt and react, like the unpredictable nature of lightning. It anticipates its users’ demands, adapting to changing conditions and charging ahead with agility and precision.  It epitomizes the pursuit of speed and efficiency in the art of rapid response.

What is CallTools?

CallTools is a cloud-based software platform with numerous features and tools for managing outbound and inbound phone campaigns. It is designed to improve the productivity and effectiveness of call centers, telemarketing companies, and sales teams.

Main Features and Benefits of Using CallTools

CallTools is a dedicated solution designed to enhance agent productivity, optimize operations, and reduce caller wait times. Here are the key features of the platform:

Outbound Call Features

CallTools offers automated outbound dialing capabilities that allow agents to make a large volume of calls quickly and efficiently. It supports various dialing modes such as predictive dialing, power dialing, and preview dialing.

Predictive Dialer: As compared to an autodialer where the platforms automatically dial phone numbers and connect answered calls to the agents, CallTools is a predictive dialer where it dials multiple phone numbers at the same time and then immediately routes answered calls to the next available agent. It filters out busy tones and voicemail machines.

Preview Dialer: CallTools offers a cloud-based preview auto dialer that initiates calls individually, providing agents with real-time access to CRM data. This allows them to review essential customer information before or during live conversations. With CallTools’ preview dialer, users can customize dialing lists based on factors such as business hours, time zones, state, and area code to ensure targeted outreach.

Call Dispositioning and After-Call Work: Within the CallTools platform, users could input personalized notes about each call and choose the most suitable disposition. Administrators can create color-coded buttons for different dispositions and determine the order in which they appear on the post-call wrap-up menu. CallTools also offers a range of automation features that can be activated to streamline the after-call work process. These include options like hang up, no contact made, delete phone number, do not contact, wrong number, and more.

Inbound Features

While CallTools is renowned for its outbound call center capabilities, it also offers a variety of tools dedicated to optimizing inbound calling operations. Here are some of the notable features designed for inbound call centers:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): The platform supports IVR functionality, allowing callers to navigate through pre-recorded menus and self-service options before connecting with an agent.

Call Management: The platform enables intelligent call routing and distribution, ensuring that calls are automatically directed to the most appropriate agents based on predefined rules. It also has call waiting, agent scripts, and call recording.

Call Queuing: This efficiently distributes incoming calls to a designated group of agents or external phone numbers. Acting as the destination for calls, queues are intelligently assigned based on caller IVR selections. CallTools offers highly customizable queues with a wide range of call distribution options and settings, allowing call centers to tailor the system to their specific needs and preferences.

Calendar Events: CallTools’ calendar events feature serves as a valuable tool for agents and supervisors, providing reminders and alerts for scheduled tasks. With this functionality, users can efficiently schedule call backs, send SMS messages, emails, or perform various other tasks. Each event can be customized by selecting an event type, associating it with a specific campaign, setting start and end dates, and configuring notifications.

Campaign Features

CallTools campaigns provide administrators with the ability to upload a contact list for automated dialing, ensuring that only live answers are connected to agents. Admins have full control over custom settings that dictate the campaign’s behavior and operations. These settings encompass a range of options, such as dashboard color, agent connect speed, maximum daily dials, force post calls, power dialing, autopilot, phone number field preference, ring time, answering machine detection, and abandoned call handling options. Administrators can tailor the system to meet their specific requirements and optimize the overall campaign performance with these extensive campaign options.

Analytics and Reporting

CallTools offers essential reporting and analytics tools for call centers. It enables real-time monitoring, tracks KPIs, diagnoses inefficiencies, and provides actionable insights. Features include live call monitoring, real-time performance analytics, agent performance reports, and custom CSV reports.

CRM Integration

CallTools can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, such as Salesforce or HubSpot, allowing agents to access customer data and call history within a unified interface. This integration enhances productivity and enables personalized interactions.

User Experience with CallTools

Users appreciate the user-friendly nature of CallTools. With its range of features and focus on usability, it simplifies day-to-day tasks and enhances the overall customer experience.

Pricing Structure

CallTools does not disclose its pricing information publicly. For detailed pricing information and a personalized quote, it is recommended to contact the company directly. They will provide the most up-to-date and accurate pricing details based on your specific requirements.

Review Summary


CallTools is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of powerful features. With its user-friendly interface, it provides a seamless experience for agents, supervisors, and administrators.

Ease of Use:

CallTools is one of the easiest platforms to use for agents. However, on the back end like administrators, it has a learning curve of setting everything up. Tutorial videos and technical support teams are available to help users every step of the way.

Customer Service:

CallTools takes pride in its commitment to customer service and support. The company understands the importance of promptly addressing customer needs and ensuring a positive experience throughout the journey. Users can contact support by phone, email, or by submitting a ticket on their contact us page.

Value for Money:

Considering the extensive range of features, the reliability of the platform, and the support provided by the CallTools team, customers find that the value they receive for the cost of the service is well worth it.

Overall Rating: