Lead Generation Carrot

Carrot is like a magical potion for your business! With its powerful tools and features, you can wave your wand (or mouse) and watch as leads come pouring in. No more sitting by the phone waiting for leads, this website does all the hard work for you! It’s like having your very own fairy godmother for your lead generation needs. Just sit back, relax, and let Carrot Lead Generation Hub do the heavy lifting. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can transform your business and take it to the next level! So, if you’re ready to cast a spell on your lead generation process, let’s start the magical journey of getting to know Carrot.

What is Carrot?

Carrot also known as Investor Carrot is a website hosting service targeted at wholesalers and investors in Real Estate. They create websites that generate leads while assisting you in increasing brand recognition in your neighborhood. For Real Estate investors, especially for start-ups, most of the time their hands are full at running the business and doing deals. Creating a well-designed website will eat up this precious time. This subscription service allows real estate professionals (investors and agents) to quickly and easily build websites for buying properties, selling properties, building a buyers list, branding their company, and such.

Main Features and Benefits of Using Carrot

Carrot promises their websites are built to perform. The tools and resources adopt the best online marketing strategies and monitor their effectiveness. Below are the main features of this hub.

Lead Management

Carrot’s Lead Manager allows Real State investors or agents to manage and see all their leads in one place. It shows what stage the lead is in, so they’ll know who the possible leads are, who are not interested, who were given offers, and such. It also allows them to leave notes on the conversation, quickly search specific forms for leads and search for the leads faster and easier. Carrot also provides third-party tools to help manage contacts and can be combined with other Content Management Systems (CMS).

Campaign Tracking Links

Campaign Tracking Links let users know how many people clicked on the content on their site. This is done by creating a unique link that investors or agents can assign to any content on their website. With this, they can see where the leads are coming from and how many leads came in on each form so they can identify which marketing is working. Is it from the website, Facebook – Meta, Google, Craigslist, or other sources?

Website Analytics

The focus of website analytics is to identify the website data to determine the success or failure of the campaign and to improve the content and how to position them. Every carrot website comes with built-in real estate analytics allowing investors or agents to know which pages are most frequently visited, where people are coming from, and where they are opting in. This will help in advertising the appropriate page to the appropriate platform.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tool

Carrot has a major emphasis on SEO, driving traffic and higher conversion rate. With this feature, users can customize the Logo, tagline, header image, text on each page, the color scheme of the website, and title of the webpage among others. It has a snippet preview that shows how the page will appear in Google’s search engine rankings. Furthermore, it has Focus keyword that quickly analyzes if a good ranking keyword is being used in the content on the page and title; SEO Title that can change the title that a user sees when searching; and Meta Description that quickly adjusts the content that goes below the URL in the search engine.

Content Marketing

Carrot has professionally pre-written blogs that are SEO optimized for target leads. This is updated every month and can be customized to the marketing strategy of the business. This can be automated on a monthly schedule which will automatically post in the user’s blog. Content Pro members can access 12 pre-written blogs (12 investor and 12 agent posts) and 24 pre-written blogs for Advance Marketer Members


Carrot has an easy social media integration. It has built-in sharing buttons on every page and blog in the account that can easily be shared with Facebook – Meta, Twitter, and Google+. This feature increases the website’s visibility and subsequently traffic to the website. It can easily integrate with list-building services like Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, Podio, iContact, Zapier, Constant Contact, and Aweber.

Keyword Tracking

Working with keywords is one essential part of SEO. Carrot has keyword-tracking features that can check the performance of a website or content on search engine results page. It gives weekly updates on the ranking that is easy to understand and digest so companies can take the appropriate actions if necessary.

User Experience of Carrot

Wix and Weebly may have an easier signup process but once signed up, you will have a blank canvas. Carrot has pre-filled and ready-to-use information when setting up the site. Their website can be customized to fit your marketing strategy and business needs. Carrot has a plethora of resources, content, and anything that is needed to help investors or agents in creating their websites. The sites are mobile responsive which makes them easy to view on any device for the target leads. It is easy to integrate the website into your social media platforms and list-building services like Mailchimp.

Carrot Pricing Structure

Carrot offers different plan rates for investors and agents. For investors, the price starts at $69 per month and starts at $99 per month for agent plans. Investors can save from $168 to $480 if they subscribe to the annual billing. Real Estate agents plan can save from $238 to $480 for annual billing as well. They offer a 30-day trial on all plans.

Review Summary

Carrot makes it simple to complete all tasks required for a real estate investment website, enabling investors and agents to build a website that functions well and aids them in achieving their marketing objectives.

Review Summary


Carrot has a plethora of functions that help investors and agents create their websites. It is customizable which gives it a plus as users can always tweak it to fit their marketing strategy and business needs. Carrot has generated over 2 million leads, so their numbers speak for themselves.

Ease of Use:

Carrot’s pre-filled and ready-to-use information makes it easier for investors and agents to create their websites. Integrating existing social media accounts and list-building tools is also not a problem. There are different options to customize websites, however, these extra options can give more stuff to sift through.

Customer Service:

Carrot offers top-notch customer support. They will always be ready to answer an inquiry on the platform. Furthermore, Some plans offer mastermind classes that not only assist with getting familiar with the features but also on how to improve rankings in SEO and provide guidelines to improve visibility.

Value for Money:

Carrot has a competitive market price as compared to more generic website builders and platforms. It is packed with features, guidelines, and all the support that you need to increase SEO performance, rank tracking, lead generation, and more, so it is justifiable.

Overall Rating: