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Linkedin is the most effective platform for business networking, with over 600 million users. The fundamental components of LinkedIn, such as direct messages and focused search, make large-scale sales look overwhelming. Sending a connection request is the first step in using LinkedIn to discover your next lead but getting a response on LinkedIn takes skills. Messages that come off as phony and unrelated to the client are more likely to be ignored.

Cleverly uses data from thousands of successful B2B campaigns to craft the perfect, personalized message for your dream lead. The result? A tidal wave of positive responses straight to your inbox. No more generic messages, only cleverly crafted ones. Let’s make this work for you!”

What is Cleverly?

Created in 2016, Cleverly is A LinkedIn lead-generation tool that increases your range of influence. and effectively utilize data from B2B campaigns to offer personalized messaging.

Cleverly revolutionizes the real estate industry with its cloud-based platform that seamlessly integrates modern technologies. With its powerful workflow automation, robust data and analytics module, integrated communications, sensor integrations, asset management, and booking capabilities, Cleverly boosts productivity and provides all stakeholders with easy accessibility. This comprehensive solution empowers real estate professionals by combining cutting-edge features into one unified platform, leading to enhanced efficiency, informed decision-making, and unparalleled convenience for all involved parties.

Main Features and Benefits of Using Cleverly

LinkedIn Lead Generator

Cleverly incorporates a powerful Prospect Builder feature, leveraging LinkedIn data to create a targeted list of potential customers. It determines the most effective approach to converting leads into paying customers by analyzing relevant information. The platform first generates a comprehensive list of potential leads, followed by the automation of personalized messaging for each individual. Optimizing on LinkedIn’s data-gathering capabilities through profile analysis, group memberships, and article interactions, Cleverly maximizes the effectiveness of lead generation efforts. Additionally, users can import previous Cleverly campaign leads and add new entries for seamless integration. With Cleverly’s assistance, the entire lead generation and communication process can be automated once a promising prospect is identified.

Personalized Messages

Harnessing collected data and crafting tailored outreach messages is a powerful strategy for acquiring leads. Customizing messages to suit each client makes it possible to capture their attention, built trust, and establish a sense of personal value. These personalized messages draw on client information and evoke an emotional connection with customers, noting the need for more personalized communication. This streamlined approach aids in generating more leads and successfully converting them into satisfied customers, driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

Workflow Automation

Cleverly has full automation capabilities, taking care of multiple aspects of the process and delivering favorable outcomes. Cleverly excels at automating message delivery to clients, ensuring prompt and efficient communication. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to set time gaps between messages, instilling trust and reliability in the recipient. The inclusion of quick reply features and follow-up messages enhances client convenience and response rates. With its ability to increase lead numbers swiftly and effortlessly by automating connection requests, follow-ups, and message sequences, Cleverly saves time and effort in the outreach efforts of the business.

Data Analytics

Cleverly offers data and analytics modules to help you track and analyze the performance of your LinkedIn campaigns. You can gain insights into metrics such as connection acceptance rates, message response rates, and overall campaign effectiveness.

Campaign Management

Cleverly provides features to manage your lead generation campaigns effectively. You can import lists of leads, track campaign progress, and organize your outreach efforts for better campaign management and optimization.

User Experience

Cleverly is an easy-to-use platform that incorporates all the key features to enhance lead generation efforts. It offers a smooth onboarding process, guiding users through the setup and configuration of their campaigns. The platform provides clear instructions and prompts, ensuring that users can quickly get started.

Cleverly also provides customization options, allowing users to tailor their campaigns according to their specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s defining target criteria, personalizing messages, or setting up automated workflows, the platform offers flexibility and control over the lead generation process.

Pricing Structure

Cleverly has 3 tier subscription.

Silver at $397 per month comes with 250 monthly prospect.

Gold at $497 per month with 500 prospects per month.

Platinum at $1197 per month with 500 prospects per month with the addition of 10 LinkedIn content post.

Review Summary


Cleverly provides a comprehensive set of tools and automation capabilities to enhance your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn, leveraging personalized messaging and data-driven strategies.

Ease of Use:

Cleverly is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient, allowing users to navigate and utilize the platform seamlessly.

Customer Service:

Cleverly’s customer support can be contacted via phone call or email. Users highlight the impressive level of professionalism from their support team.

Value for Money:

Although individual needs and goals will determine the specific value for money, Cleverly's combination of automation, personalization, data analytics, and campaign management features can help make the lead-generation process more streamlined and effective, potentially yielding a positive return on investment for users. The downside of the platform is that users need to subscribe to LinkedIn Sales Navigator in order to use it which is an additional cost on top of the Cleverly monthly subscription.

Overall Rating: