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For digital creations, a considerable portion of the time is dedicated to searching for stock items from various sources to breathe life into every idea and stir emotions within your digital canvas.

Envato is one of the platforms that offer a plethora of stock assets ranging from photos, graphics, and audio tracks to videos, fonts, email templates, and even WordPress themes and plugins that you can use for your blogs, websites, social media ads, and such.

What is Envato?

Envato was established in 2006 in Sydney, Australia, by Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Ta’eed, and Jun Rung. This platform provides operates a network of online marketplaces and creative asset libraries. They offer a wide range of digital assets such as website templates, WordPress themes, graphics, audio, video, photography, and more. Their marketplaces are popular among creative professionals, designers, developers, and businesses looking for high-quality digital resources.

These assets can be used for various purposes including website creation, marketing material design, and such. By subscribing to Envato Elements, users gain unencumbered access to the entire library, enabling them to download unlimited assets for their projects. This cost-efficient approach saves both time and financial resources, eliminating the need for individual payments per asset.

Some of the popular products under the Envato network include:

Envato Elements: A subscription-based market where users may quickly obtain resources for their work such as Fonts, Graphics, Web and CMS Templates, and more.

Envato Market: Offers approximately 8 million digital items from a worldwide community of over 6 million designers, developers, photographers, illustrators, and video makers, operating across eight markets in 200 countries.

Placeit: Provides a large collection of mockups, designs, videos, and logos.

Main Features and Benefits of Using

Envato provides its users with a wealth of features and perks, making it a popular platform for creative professionals, businesses, and individuals looking for high-quality digital assets and resources. Some of the primary features and advantages of using Envato are as follows:

Extensive Digital Asset Library: Envato’s digital assets include website templates, WordPress themes, plugins, graphics, illustrations, audio tracks, video templates, stock footage, fonts, and more. This huge collection provides a wide range of resources for a variety of creative endeavors.

Quality and Professionalism: A team of specialists curates and reviews the assets accessible on Envato to ensure high quality and professional standards. This commitment to quality ensures that users have access to high-quality resources for their projects.

Wide Selection and Timesaving: Envato is a thriving global network of contributors who include designers, developers, photographers, illustrators, and video makers. This diversity of creative skills means that users have a wide selection of styles and options to pick from. Users can access the whole asset library by subscribing to Envato Elements, saving time and effort spent searching for specific materials from multiple sources. Furthermore, the asset library is continually growing, with new items added regularly.

Licensing and Commercial Use: The platform’s licensing rules for the assets available on the marketplace are straightforward. Users can utilize the resources for commercial initiatives with confidence, knowing they are in compliance with the relevant licensing laws.

Inspiring and Fostering Creativity: The vast choice of assets and creative materials available on Envato may inspire and encourage creativity, allowing users to bring their visions to life and stand out in their respective industries. It also accommodates users of different levels of skill. Whether you are an experienced expert or a novice, there are resources available to meet your needs and ability level.

User Experience with Envato

Envato is designed to provide both individuals and businesses a seamless experience in discovering high-quality assets tailored for their creative endeavors.

The user interface of Envato is exceptionally sleek, well-structured, and user-friendly. It provides a convenient drop-down menu right next to the search bar for easy category selection. All the categories are easily accessible in the header section, and the filtering options are neatly presented on the left sidebar.

Pricing Structure

Envato Elements offers four subscriptions: Individuals cost $16.50 per month. Teams pay $10.75 per member per month and receive a discount for each additional team member, saving up to 35%. Students receive an extra 30% discount and pay only $11.50 monthly. Enterprise plan which is a custom plan is also offered. Price varies on the chosen features and number of team members.

Envatomarket’s price varies depending on the themes and templates that you choose.

Placeit offers one subscription with unlimited downloads of all assets starting from $9.99 per month.

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Review Summary


Envato is a website where you can find many forms of the top ideas’ sources. It also includes a more user-friendly search bar with a large range of themes. However, some users have provided feedback regarding compatibility with other devices specifically with keynote for Mac templates.

Ease of Use:

Envato Elements takes pride in its exceptional ease of use, with a user-friendly layout and straightforward navigation. This seamless user experience enables individuals and organizations to easily discover and access a large assortment of high-quality digital assets, optimizing their creative workflows with ease.

Customer Service:

Envato generally provides responsive customer support to address user inquiries and resolve issues related to purchases or the platform's functionality. However, they can be contacted only via email as they do not offer phone or live chat support.

Value for Money:

Envato offers exceptional value for its cost, being budget-friendly and user-friendly in equal measure. Its commercial license further enhances its versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases across various industries. Yet, it does not provide a refund option if you decide to cancel the service in the middle of your subscription.

Overall Rating: