Video Filmora

Imagine having a canvas that can turn your raw footage or images into a masterpiece that you can use for your vlogs, social media posts, podcasts, or any other type of marketing or personal videos that needs creative videos.

This is where Filmora comes into play. It will be yourtalented companion to help you unleash your imagination and bring your stories to life.

Let’s explore how this platform can transform your videos into unforgettable masterpieces.

What is Filmora?

Filmora, a cutting-edge video editing software from Wondershare, provides solid solutions to digital producers. Users may enhance their films using Filmora by adding attractive transitions and effects, tweaking audio levels, changing playback speed, and much more. This software allows for the addition of text to videos, such as titles or subtitles. Its user-friendly interface makes it an excellent choice for beginners, while its collection of complex editing capabilities caters to the needs of seasoned video editors.

Filmora was originally known as Wondershare Video Editor before being renamed Filmora when the 5.11 version was launched. The current Filmora 11 version, like its predecessor, has a straightforward, user-friendly interface with a huge collection of transitions, titles, animations, and effects to pick from. It does, however, provide advanced capabilities such as motion tracking, noise removal, GIF support, and 4K editing capability.

Main Features and Benefits of Using Filmora

Filmora offers a wide range of features and tools to enhance your video editing experience. Here are some of the main features of Filmora:

User Interface: Filmora has a customizable interface that you can set up the way you’d like it. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes video editing accessible to beginners and experienced editors alike.

The interface is divided into 3 sections: the library section, the timeline section, and the preview window.

Video Editing: Filmora offers a comprehensive set of video editing tools. This includes trimming, splitting, cropping, and merging clips. You can easily adjust the speed of your videos, reverse footage, and rotate or flip clips. Furthermore, it has 4K editing support which is carried out by using the Action Cam Tool for editing 4K videos.

Filters and Effects: The platform has a vast collection of preset filters, overlays, and motion elements that can be applied with just a few clicks. It has 300 special effects, objects, overlays, transitions, music, and audio effects, all readily available for your convenience. The tool is fully equipped with 25 sound effects and 26 royalty-free tracks, ensuring a diverse audio experience. Additionally, there are 176 customizable transitions designed to add flair to your project.

Transitions: Filmora has over 100 transitions divided into ten categories: Basic, Speed Blur, Warp, Ripple and Dissolve, 3D, Slideshow, Lifestyle, Plain Shape, Filmstock, and Linear. You can search for and bookmark your favorite transitions by name for quick access later. This allows you to create captivating and polished videos.

Title and Text: Customize your videos with stylish titles and text overlays. Filmora provides more than 200 titles and text templates which include animated templates. In the video preview window, you may adjust each template to fit your needs, or you can use the Advanced Text Editor to change the font and animation for your text – you can even fill in your text with a photo or overlay other shapes and objects onto your movie.

Audio Editing and Music Library: You can enhance the audio quality of your videos by adjusting volume levels, removing background noise, or adding audio effects. You can also add music or audio tracks to your project with over 172 royalty-free music library of different genres and moods. Or you can simply record a voiceover that you can use.

Color Grading and Green Screen: The platform provides advanced color correction and grading tools, allowing you to enhance visual aesthetics and create a cohesive style throughout your videos. It also supports green screen or chroma key functionality, enabling you to replace the background of your videos with custom images or videos, opening up endless creative possibilities.

Export and Sharing: Filmora allows you to export your videos in various formats and resolutions, suitable for different platforms and devices. You can directly upload your videos to social media platforms like YouTube or Vimeo from within the software.

User Experience with Filmora

The simple interface of Filmora is one of its biggest asset. It achieves an ideal harmony between simplicity and an extensive range of features, a rare combination not often found in beginner-oriented video editing software. Furthermore, the official Filmora website offers a wealth of tutorials tailored for new users, enabling them to swiftly create professional-grade videos with ease.

Pricing Structure

Filmora offers a free trial that grants users access to all the functionalities found in the paid version. However, there is a limit of ten exports, and a watermark is applied to the output files during this trial period. The watermark is promptly removed once a paid plan is purchased, and the software is activated.

You have three options to choose from: Annual, Perpetual, or Cross-Platform. The Annual Plan is priced at $49.99 per year and includes senior tech support, one year of updates, watermark-free videos, and unlimited asset downloads and previews. The Perpetual plan requires a one-time payment of $79.99, granting you lifelong access to Filmora X and all the benefits provided in the Annual Plan. The Cross-Platform plan, priced at $59.99 per year, combines the Filmstock Standard subscription and Filmora Video Editor subscription for one year. In addition to enjoying all the features of Filmora, this bundle also provides watermark-free videos, senior tech support, monthly additions of new effects, and one year of unlimited downloads from the Filmstock Standard Library.

Review Summary


It is important to note that Filmora is not a high-end professional suite and may not offer all the advanced features found in premium video editors. However, it compensates for this by providing a visually appealing interface and allowing users to concentrate on their creative process without becoming entangled in technical complexities. Beginners and intermediate videographers seeking a convenient and efficient solution to produce engaging videos swiftly will find satisfaction with Filmora's results.

Ease of Use:

Filmora typically delivers swift performance; however, a few users have noted intermittent instances of lag, program unresponsiveness, or failed exports. The overall performance of Filmora hinges on your system specifications and capabilities, and may be influenced by various factors, such as simultaneous file downloads or the concurrent operation of other software on your computer. To ensure optimal performance, it is advisable to close any additional programs while using the program.

Customer Service:

The support service provided by Filmora garners overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, who consistently express satisfaction with the quick and professional assistance they receive. Filmora offers multiple avenues to connect with their support team, including Live Chat, email communication, and the option to submit a form and await a response from their dedicated staff.

Value for Money:

As previously mentioned, Filmora excels at finding the sweet spot between user-friendly simplicity and a comprehensive set of features, making it an excellent option for individuals seeking a tool that enables them to unleash their creativity without investing excessive time in learning its intricacies. The premium plans offer excellent value for those in search of a powerful yet accessible video editing software.

Overall Rating: