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Lead management is one of the most crucial and integral aspects of investing which often leads to frustration and missed opportunities. When mishandled, this could mean missing deadlines, losing contacts, and inconsistent follow-up which results in loss, wasting time, and resources. This could even result in losing revenue.

It is important for each investor to effectively and efficiently organize, analyze, and track leads. These processes will aid the investor in making sound decisions to help manage their portfolio and achieve their financial goals. InvestorFuse may be the solution that you need to solve this dilemma.

What is InvestorFuse?

InvestorFuse is a lead management CRM system that aims to assist investors in closing more deals with the aid of automation and systematic technology.

The system helps with the team’s efficiency by automating lead management which eliminates manually screening deals, maintaining properties, and lead generation. It ensures that all leads are assigned to the appropriate team member. These tasks could be menial, but they take time if done manually.

The automation will help you in efficiently and effectively managing your teams’ workflow giving you more time to deal with more important aspects of your business like closing more deals and expanding your network.

Main Features and Benefits of using InvestorFuse

InvestoreFuse is created specifically for Real Estate Investors, unlike Podio which can be customized for various business applications. That means you no longer need to customize InvestorFuse which saves time for you.

The purpose of the InvestorFuse program is to serve as a lead conversion system for real estate investing acquisition teams to use in order to streamline operations and finalize agreements. Freedom Soft and REIPRO have almost the same feature as InvestorFuse but they center more on a potential deal and not on lead management.

Here are the primary features of InvestorFuse to find out how it will assist you in understanding a consistent sales approach and on how it can benefit your business.

Action Workflow

InvestorFuse is made to be user-friendly. The software creates step-by-step action processes that move leads through the sales pipeline all the way to closing. It has the ability to send notifications with the specific lead and information in one section. Furthermore, it comes with an autopilot feature in sending text and email follow-ups.

Group Rules

InvestorFuse Campaign assignment feature sort leads into groups. You can create your own category for your leads and assign them to a specific group. They may be set up as a round-robin system, given to a specific person, or distributed according to a campaign. whichever works for your workflow. This helps to smoothly run your whole team.


KPI Tracking

InvestorFuse has a fool-proof Action system that enables you to accurately track KPIs.

  • Differentiation between new and qualified leads
  • Lead conversion
  • Individual and team conversion %
  • Track the average daily numbers (leads, contracts, and deals)
  • Consistency in the follow-ups made to the sellers


REI Tools Integration

InvestorFuse enables you to push leads that you have from other REI tools you’re already using to the platform. With a push of a button, all information from the originating platform is transferred to InvestorFuse. It is integrated with 75+ REI Tools which include but are not limited to the following:

  • BatchDialer
  • Investorlift
  • BatchLeads
  • Smrtphone
  • Callrail
  • WordPress Web Forms
  • Calltools
  • Smarter Contact
  • Carrot
  • Ready Mode
  • Custom Webform
  • Mojo
  • Deal Machine
  • Lead Sherpa
  • Facebook
  • Launch Control

User Experience of InvestorFuse

InvestorFuse provides users with tools and insights to make sound investment decisions. The process of making things easier does not stop there.

InvestorFuse has a user-friendly interface wherein even beginners can understand and navigate the system. You don’t need to have an IT degree to figure out how the platform works.

InvestorFuse keeps your leads organized and the sales team on top of their pipeline. It can be integrated with a lot of REI tools and not only that, but it also continuously adds up features and functionality to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform in the Real Estate Industry.

Investor-fuse Pricing Structure

InvestorFuse offers three plan levels: Essential, Pro, and Premium. All plans require a set-up fee of $147.

  • Essential Plan is the starting plan and allows 1 user and guest access with an unlimited number of lead sources for integration. You get to have a dedicated success consultant as well. This costs $147 per month.
  • Pro Plan allows up to 5 users with added features of Campaign Autoresponders, Team, and Campaign KPI, Messaging Templates, Workflows, and Inbound Call Popups. This is at $247 per month.
  • Premium allows up to 10 users with added features of Employee Scorecard, Unlimited Groups, External Sending, and the ability to restrict users. This is available for $377 per month.

Review Summary

Deciding whether or not to invest in a subscription to InvestorFuse, your first step should be to determine the most critical requirements for your business. InvestorFuse is a great lead management system, however, bear in mind that there are still certain aspects of your business that requires a personal touch.

Review Summary


To maintain your pipeline filled, InvestorFuse can assist you to optimize your lead handling. It is a lead conversion platform targeted at real estate investment firms with acquisition teams. It is made to make managing your team as effective as possible, saving you time from sitting in front of the computer planning follow-up activities or, worse yet, from having leads build up without sufficient follow-up.

Ease of Use:

InvertorFuse prioritizes ease of use to enhance the user experience for real estate investors. With simple setup process, user-friendly navigation, streamlined workflows, comprehensive documentation, and support resources, InvertorFuse empowers users to efficiently manage their real estate investment activities with ease.

Customer Service:

Getting assistance from InvestorFuse Customer support is a breeze. They respond quickly and are very consistent in the process which prevents getting mixed information from one customer support agent to the other.

Value for Money:

In situations where there is a need to have consistency in following up on leads and increasing the number of properties being acquired, you can rely on InvestorFuse.

Overall Rating: