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Effective email marketing plays a vital role in amplifying your business’s reach and showcasing its full potential. Staying connected with the expanding community and maximizing outreach is imperative, and email services like Mailgun offer the perfect solution for simplifying the process of email marketing. Harnessing the power of Mailgun lets your business effortlessly adapt to the evolving digital environment, ensuring seamless communication and unlocking unprecedented growth opportunities.

Let’s dive deep into what Mailgun has to offer!

What is Mailgun?

Founded by Ev Kontsevoy and Taylor Wakefield, Mailgun has been successfully operating for 13 consecutive years. Initially owned by Rackspace, it eventually emerged as an independent company and is currently under the ownership of Sinch, a Swedish firm. Geared towards developers, Mailgun is an email automation service that leverages SMTP and a variety of APIs, including Ruby, Python, Node.js, C#, Java, and PHP. By utilizing RESTful API and webhooks, Mailgun ensures precise email delivery, enabling users to send, receive, track, filter spam, and manage both individual and bulk email communications seamlessly.

Features and Benefits of Mailgun

Mailgun stands as a go-to choice for developers and IT professionals seeking a transactional email service. With Mailgun, developers can easily send, receive, and track emails, all within a streamlined workflow. Here are the key features:

Email Validation

Email validation filters out inactive or undeliverable email addresses prior to sending messages. This proactive approach helps to maintain low bounce rates, safeguarding your sender IP reputation from any negative impact. By ensuring that your recipient list only consists of valid and active email addresses, you can enhance the deliverability of your emails and maintain a positive sender reputation.

Through the real-time email validation API offered by Mailgun, you gain the ability to instantly detect and flag invalid email addresses as soon as they are entered into your database. By integrating this API into your system, you can ensure that your database only contains valid and deliverable email addresses.

Mailgun has recently included its bulk validation tool that allows you to effortlessly validate a large number of email addresses. Whether you have a CSV file or a list of email addresses, simply upload it to Mailgun’s platform, and it will automatically validate each address for you.

Moreover, Mailgun provides a feature of list segmentation, allowing you to divide your email list into targeted segments. This powerful functionality enables you to deliver the right message to the right audience, enhancing personalization and maximizing the impact of your email campaigns.

Rapid Fire Feature

Mailgun is built for lightning-fast and high-volume email delivery. Its primary focus is to ensure the swift dispatch of transactional emails without delay. Using Mailgun’s Rapid Fire feature, you have the flexibility to schedule bursts of emails at specific times or distribute high volumes of emails continuously throughout the day.

Moreover, Mailgun incorporates intelligent queue management capabilities, guaranteeing that 99% of emails are sent within the initial five minutes, further enhancing the speed and efficiency of email delivery.

Email Deliverability

For businesses that send 500,000 emails or more per month, Mailgun offers Deliverability Services, ensuring the utmost email deliverability standards. With the Inbox Placement feature, Mailgun can anticipate potential deliverability issues, allowing you to address them proactively before sending out your emails. This proactive approach results in increased recipient engagement and a higher return on investment (ROI) from your email campaigns.

Additionally, the Inbox Placement feature provides valuable insights into the performance of your emails across different email providers such as Gmail and Outlook. It enables you to identify areas that require optimization, helping you tailor your strategies accordingly. As part of the Deliverability Services, Mailgun provides a customized solution tailored to your specific business requirements, accompanied by a dedicated Technical Account Manager. This professional support ensures ongoing assistance, email best practices, and troubleshooting expertise in case any issues arise.

Email Builder

Mailgun’s integrated email builder provided through Mailjet’s offering lets you craft captivating emails that will truly grab your customers. This intuitive email builder enables you to create visually appealing and engaging emails, allowing you to make a lasting impression on your audience.

Email Analytics

Within the main dashboard, you’ll find an informative performance quick view that presents data in either a line or bar graph format, based on your preference. This visual representation provides valuable insights into your email performance, allowing you to track key metrics effectively. Additionally, the dashboard grants you access to logs from each of your configured domains, enabling you to review and analyze email validations, further enhancing your understanding of email activity and performance.

Inbound Routing

Mailgun empowers customers to seamlessly automate the routing of inbound emails using versatile RegEx rules, offering both API integration and a user-friendly dashboard for effortless configuration.

User Experience with Mailgun

Understanding the challenges that developers face, Mailgun offers a streamlined user interface that simplifies the user experience. Upon logging in, you’ll find everything you need conveniently located on the main page and dashboard. With Mailgun, there’s no need to navigate through multiple clicks to access the necessary tools. All the essential features and functionalities are just one click away.

Pricing structure

Mailgun offers a free trial with a limit of 5,000 emails for 1 month. It offers a flexible plan that can be adjusted depending on how many emails you need to send. Here are each plan for Mailgun.

Foundation – starts at $35 per month with 50,000 emails included.

Scale – starts at $90 per month with 100,000 emails included.

You can also contact their sales team for more flexible plans or if your business needs are not included in the default plans.

Review Summary


Mailgun has a lot of tools and features that suit your every need - delivery assurance, security, and active support - every email engagement can give great results.

Ease of Use:

Mailgun boasts a user-friendly setup process and intuitive interface, making it accessible and straightforward to individuals or organizations who may not have prior experience with email services. However, due to recent updates, some users find the new dashboard a bit complicated when trying to find the setting or where they could set an adjustment.

Customer Service:

Mailgun has its help center that answers probably all of your questions. They have a dedicated team that will help with your technical issues, and you can contact them through their website by submitting a support ticket. A one-on-one consultation with a professional on List management difficulties, technical API help, or IP and domain reputation management is also available.

Value for Money:

Undoubtedly, Mailgun stands out as a top-tier email marketing software that comes highly recommended. It offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet your digital marketing needs. Additionally, getting started is a breeze as the platform provides a simple sign-up process. To add to its appeal, Mailgun offers a generous 1-month free trial, allowing you to explore its capabilities and experience its benefits firsthand without any financial commitment.

Overall Rating: