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If you have a website, updating the design is an essential part of keeping and attracting your visitors. Having a fresh look that reflects your personality and style is always something that people look into.

Updating your website design using Mojo can be a straightforward and effective way to give your website a fresh and appealing look. You can browse through the available themes, preview live demos, and choose the one that best matches your vision for your website’s new design.

Let’s look at how Mojo can help you enhance your website’s design.

What is Mojo Themes?

Mojo Themes is advertised as Mojo Marketplace for website templates, themes, plug-ins, and other digital products designed for web developers and website owners.

Mojo Marketplace offered a vast selection of products from various authors and developers, making it a convenient one-stop destination for those seeking high-quality themes and extensions to enhance their WordPress websites. Customers could find themes for different purposes, such as personal blogs, business websites, e-commerce stores, and more. It also provides a platform for plugin developers to sell their creations, allowing users to easily add extra functionality and features to their WordPress sites.

Main Features and Benefits of Using Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes has established itself as a prominent platform in the world of web design, offering an extensive array of features that empower users to create stunning and functional websites.

WordPress Themes and HTML Templates: Mojo Themes catered to the demands of both WordPress users and those looking for HTML templates, providing a comprehensive selection of solutions to fit a wide range of use cases. Whether you were looking for a theme for a blog, an e-commerce site, a portfolio, or a static HTML template, the platform gave appropriate options to meet your individual needs.

Live Demos: Live demos of themes and templates were often available on the marketplace, allowing customers to preview how they would look and perform on their websites before making a purchase choice.

User Ratings and Reviews: Users could rate and review products purchased from Mojo Themes. This tool allowed prospective purchasers to learn about the quality, usability, and customer service of various themes and templates.

Plug-ins: Mojo Marketplace has plugins for a variety of functions, including e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO), contact forms, social media integration, security, caching, and more. Users may explore the various plugins, read descriptions, and select the ones that best meet their individual requirements.

Customization Options: While the themes had pre-designed layouts, many of them also allowed for personalization. Users could change the colors, fonts, layouts, and other features to match their brand identity.

User Experience with Mojo Themes

The platform is designed for easy navigation. You can easily browse through themes, templates, and plugins, and find the desired products. Many of the themes are responsive, which means they instantly adapt to multiple screen sizes and devices. This ensures a unified user experience across platforms such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Pricing Structure

Mojo Themes features a unique pricing structure that requires customers to register a new account. Once registered, users have the choice of making an immediate purchase or depositing funds into their account for future selections. The marketplace is especially well-known for its inexpensive prices, with some themes starting as low as $5. This is welcome news for those on a tight budget who have grown tired of WordPress themes that can cost up to $100 per theme or require annual memberships.

The Mojo design team has established an admirable mix between delivering low-cost, budget-friendly solutions and higher-priced themes and templates ranging from $50 to $80. This pricing range guarantees that users have a wide range of options to meet their financial limits and special design requirements.

Review Summary


Mojo Themes offers a complete solution for all site design requirements. Mojo Marketplace provides you with the resources you need to bring your web design ambitions to life.

Ease of Use:

The platform's navigation is designed to be simple and straightforward, ensuring a seamless browsing experience when exploring themes, templates, and plugins.

Customer Service:

Customer Support: Users who purchased themes or templates from Mojo Themes could expect customer support from the respective authors or developers. They offer a general email support system that helps users with any issues they encounter during the installation and customization process. Getting live support comes at a price. The support plan starts at $29 per month for a fast response from email support, $ 49 per month to include live chat, and $149 per month if you want to have expert phone support.

Value for Money:

Mojo Themes sets itself apart by addressing aspects that other WordPress theme platforms often overlook. The marketplace stands out due to its extensive selection and emphasis on budget-friendly options for themes. This approach is particularly appealing to buyers who don't have a large budget to allocate toward a single theme or commit to a yearly subscription. Mojo Themes offers a refreshing alternative by catering to the needs of price-conscious buyers, providing them with affordable options without compromising on quality and variety.

Overall Rating: