Hosting Namecheap

When launching a website, selecting a domain name is critical. A domain name is your online address and is essential for building your brand, credibility, and professionalism. It enhances your online identity and aids in search engine optimization. It also allows you to create personalized email addresses.

Choosing a domain name should be based on its simplicity, relevance, and brand ability. You should avoid trademark infringement and think about the best domain extension.

Namecheap is one of the top options for getting a domain name. Let’s explore more about the services that they offer.

What is Namecheap?

Namecheap is a well-known domain registrar and web hosting company. They started as a domain registrar in 2000 and from their success, they added other services like website hosting, SSL certificates, email hosting, VPN services, and more, to help customers build their online presence.

Main Features and Benefits of Using Namecheap

Free Domain and Migration: Namecheap offers a cost-effective and seamless solution for those dissatisfied with their current hosting provider. If you wish to switch over to Namecheap, they make the process both inexpensive and effortless. They provide free migration services, allowing you to transfer your website from another hosting provider without any additional charges. Specifically, if you have a WordPress website, Namecheap ensures a smooth migration within 24 hours by simply submitting a request with a few site details.

In addition, Namecheap goes the extra mile by offering a free domain with the purchase of a hosting plan. This means you can acquire a domain at no extra cost, further enhancing the value of their hosting services. It also provides free domain privacy for life.

Updates to TLDs: Namecheap keeps its list of top-level domain extensions up to date, providing you with a wide array of options beyond the popular .com extension. This ensures that you have the freedom to choose from a diverse range of extensions that align with your specific needs and preferences.

Free Apps: Namecheap provides a wide range of site-building software that are intended to help your website succeed. These apps, whether free or paid, provide significant features to help you manage your internet presence.

Storage and Data Transfer Restrictions: Namecheap provides users with a generous storage capacity for databases, files, and emails. The entry-level plan includes a 20GB SSD, while the premium version offers a spacious 50GB SSD. It also offers unrestricted bandwidth with no limitations on the volume of data that can be transferred between your website and its visitors.

Additional Features and Inclusive Offerings: Not only does Namecheap include a free domain, but it also has a free SSL certificate and automatic backups. In the initial year, new users can take advantage of numerous discounts and promotions. Certain plans also include supplementary add-ons, such as server setup assistance, access to a complimentary website builder, and a two-month trial period free of charge.

User Dashboard and cPanel: The software has a dedicated control panel that is purposefully crafted for efficient management of individual hosting accounts on the server. Within this control panel, users gain the capability to execute a range of tasks, such as uploading and overseeing website files, editing DNS records for their domains, and effortlessly adding or removing add-on domains and subdomains, among a host of other functionalities.

Drag and Drop Website Builder: Namecheap’s Site Maker, a user-friendly website builder, eliminates the need for coding skills. You can simply sign up with your email address and explore its features for free. Choose from a diverse range of designs and effortlessly add or remove blocks to customize your website. If you’re satisfied with the results, you have the option to upgrade to a paid plan and continue building your website.

User Experience with Namecheap

Namecheap enhances the user experience with its intuitive interface and uncomplicated dashboard, allowing seamless management of domains, hosting, and other services. This ensures swift access to renewal dates and convenient product purchases. Moreover, Namecheap boasts a quick load time, further optimizing user satisfaction. It stands out as a user-friendly web hosting provider, catering to both novice and seasoned users with ease.

Pricing Structure

Namecheap sets itself apart with its competitive pricing, making it one of the most affordable choices for fulfilling your web hosting and domain needs. Here is an overview of the initial domain prices for different extensions available through Namecheap:


.DEV – 10.48 per year

.Store – $0.98 per year

.INC – $1098 per year

. APP – $12.48 per year

.BEST – $3.98 per year

.HOMES – 1.80 per year

WordPress Hosting

EasyWP Starter – $$34.88 per year

EasyWP Turbo – $33.21 per year

EasyWP Supersonic – $68.88 per year.

All of the plans include a 30-day free trial.


Shared Hosting – $1.32 per month

Starter Email – $14.88 per year with free 2 months trial

All Plans – $6.88 per month

Pro – Email – $$41.88 per year with 2 months free trial


Domain Vault – $1.88 per month with 30 days free trial

Positive SSL Wildcard – $39.99 per year

FastVPN – $0.99 per month

Premium DNS – $4.88 per year

Positive SSL – $5.99 per year

Positive SSL Multi-domain – $19.50 per year


Business Site Maker – $8.88 per month

Stencil Design Tool – Free Plan

Personal Site Maker – $3.88 per month with 30 days free trial

Register Your Business – from $98

Social Media Manager – from $2.88 per month


Click here to know more about their current offers and complete lists of services.

Review Summary


Namecheap is an excellent solution for small businesses and freelancers looking for a strong hosting service at a low cost. It offers affordable hosting plans with a wide range of features. These features include an easy-to-use interface, a powerful website builder, and a simple CMS platform installer, making it simple to construct and manage your online presence.

Ease of Use:

Namecheap offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of purchasing the services you need. Their platform allows you to quickly navigate and make purchases without encountering confusing obstacles or unnecessary complexities.

Customer Service:

Namecheap offers convenient options such as live chat and a support ticket system, ensuring that you receive prompt assistance and guidance for troubleshooting. Additionally, Namecheap provides an extensive collection of how-to guides, instructional videos, and a detailed knowledge base that enables you to find solutions and enhance your website with ease.

Value for Money:

Namecheap offers affordable pricing plans tailored to provide customers with the necessary features and resources they require. This approach aligns with their name, emphasizing their commitment to offering cost-effective solutions. It is important to note though that the cost of renewal doubles over time. Despite this aspect, Namecheap continues to maintain a strong reputation as a reliable web hosting provider within the industry.

Overall Rating: