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What if you are in California but you heard about how great and stable the Real Estate Industry is in North Carolina and you just want to give it a try to find even just that one special deal? But you don’t know anything about the market.

Details…that’s what you need. And those details are found in Propstream.

With PropStream, you can easily access detailed information on any market, regardless of your location. Whether you’re based in California or anywhere else in the United States, you can quickly get up to speed on the real estate market in North Carolina or any other state. PropStream provides users with comprehensive data on market trends, property values, and rental rates, as well as demographic and economic information that can help you make informed decisions. With this level of insight and detail, you can confidently explore new markets and identify investment opportunities that meet your specific criteria. PropStream truly is the ultimate tool for any real estate investor looking to expand their horizons and maximize their returns.

What is Propstream?

Propstream is revolutionizing the real estate industry with its innovative software platform. They’re providing real-time valuations and analytical tools to help real estate investors make informed decisions. For a real estate investor to make profitable investment decisions, you need accurate and reliable information.

Propstream positions itself as an online real estate data supplier with several data sources, strong tools, and an easy-to-use user interface. It asserts that it will give investors the ability to find excellent deals and seize chances quickly. It compiles a ton of data to aid you in finding and evaluating potential deals.

Main Features and Benefits of Using Propstream

There are more than just details that you can get from Prosptream. It offers all the tools required to make wise investment decisions and succeed over the long term in the real estate market, from property research and due diligence to marketing and deal administration. Let’s review the main features of the tool:

Nationwide Property Search

MLS Listings, county records, and other private data sources are used by Propstream to produce data. The information this feature offers is as follows:

  • Property Detail (bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, year built, and others)
  • Foreclosure Details
  • MLS Details
  • Comparable Property Listings (sold and current)
  • Tax Information
  • Mortgage Information
  • Transaction History
  • Owner details (previous and current owners)
  • Detailed documents and reports as they are available.

Targeted Marketing Leads

Propstream allows Investors. to find properties that match their criteria including pre-foreclosed, vacant homes, out-of-state owners or non-owner occupied, properties with tax liens, HOA liens, and other criteria to filter properties. Common filters examples are:

  • Cash Buyer
  • Senior Owners
  • High Equity
  • Flippers
  • Mortgage
  • Divorce Filings
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Pre-Probate or Deceased Data


Comparables are determined from the sale prices of similar properties close to the property you would like to check. Filters for these options include County Recording, Comps Reports, MLS Comparables, Neighbor Information, Flip Comparables, Average Days on the Market (DOM), and Layout Management.

Owner Contact Lookup

The owner’s name, contact information (including a phone number and email address), and mailing address are all provided by Propstream’s skiptracing service.

Rehab Estimator

It’s important to comprehend your rehab expenses. Knowing the labor and material costs in a certain region may help you decide whether a given investment opportunity is better suited as a short-term or long-term investment, or even if it is even worthwhile to invest in.

Market Trends and Analytics

Investors can immediately spot the next minefield by using Propstream’s sneak peek at the state of the market. Based on MLS data, projected value, rental values, and price increases, it offers real estate analytics. Additionally, information regarding new listings, average days on market, monthly changes in price or rent, new sales, and delinquencies for the neighborhood is available to investors.

User Experience of Using Propstream

Propstream is a software that is not only suitable for computers. It also has its own mobile apps and is entirely mobile-friendly. It has an easy-to-navigate feature; however, it does save a lot of caches, and searching multiple properties using the tool can cause a bit of a problem when waiting for data results. Clearing the caches helps with this problem. The maps feature on the mobile app also has its hiccups. The fonts are small, and the section tabs run into each other which could easily be clicked in error, and boom… you’re on the wrong page.

Nevertheless, the features provided by Propstream are clearly categorized, and easy to find and use.

Propstream Pricing Structure

Propstream has a Free 7-day trial that you can take advantage of if you want to check what it can offer.

Propstream is at $99 per month. The standard package includes the following features:

  • Online and Mobile App
  • 120+ lead filters
  • Nationwide Property Data
  • County Records + MLS Comps
  • 10,000 Property downloads/month
  • County Records and MLS Comps
  • Integrated Marketing Platform

Available Add-ons and features

List Automator – $27 per month

Daily List Monitoring

Monitor up to 2,000 Properties

List Import and Append Capabilities

Charges $0.10 SkipTracing Per Property

Team Member

$20 per month

Provides full access to Propstream for up to 5 members per account.

Available Marketing Tools for in-app purchase

Professional postcards: $0.40 each

Skip Tracing with DNC flagging: $0.12 each

Emails: $0.02

Mobile Scout

Access to Drive features is offered without charge. Additionally, it allows for the tagging, sharing, and addition of up to 10 scouts per account.

Review Summary


Real estate investors looking for property, realtors, property investors, and others will discover a wealth of useful features in this software. You begin to appreciate its importance in enabling you to make wise purchasing decisions as you learn more about it.

Ease of Use:

Anyone working in the real estate sector can use Propstream to help them make wise choices. It provides you the capacity to locate excellent deals and take chances rapidly. With its wealth of features, you will realize how important it can be in your business as you learn more about it.      

Customer Service:

Propstream has excellent customer support that is available via its website, phone, and email, however, due to its hours of operation, not everyone has the same experience. Others would receive a turnaround time as fast as 10 minutes while others get a response the following day.

Value for Money:

Propstream is priced competitively in the market. It is one of the various real estate software programs and resources available online. It can be difficult to determine which one will best meet your needs as a result. PropStream is wonderful because it has something to offer everyone.

Overall Rating: