Lead Generation Rehab Valuator

Imagine buying a house for $50,000 since you’ve seen the Zillow estimate at $70,000 only to find out that the actual market value is less when you’ve run your comparables (COMPS). So you tried to flip the property and renovate it hoping to add value to it but the total cost of repairs will almost eat up your prospected profit.

Getting the right number is a usual challenge for investors, especially for new ones. We also have to consider the budget and financing available to the investor. Rehab Valuator is created for this purpose.

What is Rehab Valuator?

Rehab Valuator is a software that helps to analyze deals, project costs, and profits of a property. This helps all types of Real Estate Investors exit strategies from wholesaling, retailers, flippers, rehabs, double close, and such.  The software also has a feature to help investors sell their property to buyers or other investors in the market.

Main Features and Benefits of Using Rehab Valuator

Rehab Valuator is a powerful real estate investment software that offers a range of features and benefits to help investors streamline their rehab projects.

Deal Analyzer

Rehab Valuator promises in-depth real estate analysis on demand.  This makes investors easily understand the max allowable offer (MAO) that they can give to a property, avoiding overpayments that may result in zero profit after the sale of the property. It has options that will cater to your exit strategies like evaluating rehab costs and providing an estimated profit from quick rehab, flip, or rental. Unlike Premier Construction Software which also provides job costing and budgeting, Rehab Valuator is designed for investors as opposed to the construction industry.

Marketing Tools

Rehab Valuator includes marketing presentations that can be customized based on your preference. This includes adding up your business logo, tag lines, and colors of your choice. As simple as it may seem to be highlighted as a feature, some tools that are used for this purpose like Canva, have limitations when it comes to template standards for email marketing.  The marketing tool also has the following components:

  • Comparables – Automatically checks the running sales prices in the market.
  • Deal Marketing – Build your own buyer’s list and operate your business from anywhere.
  • Find Deals Site – Allows investors to post their properties on the company’s site to increase visibility and find potential buyers.

MarketSharp is another cloud-based tool that almost has the same features as Rehab Valuator but it doesn’t have options for marketing properties and finding buyers or financing.

Project Management

Rehab Valuator combines the ability to save and compare bids with budgets, cash flow, repair costs, accounting details, and other data to create a thorough project.

Funding Transaction Area

In Real Estate Investment, funding is very important. Having the option to get a loan to secure a deal that you have or to complete projects such as rehabs is one of the great features of Rehab Valuator. With this feature, you can develop finance proposals when you require private money.

Rehab Valuator Lite

What better option could you get than something that is free? And yes, Rehab Valuator has a free option. Other tools may offer free trials but Rehab Valuator Lite is a free lifetime option. With this option, you get to have the Deal Analyzer feature, but it does not include the marketing tools

User Experience of Rehab Valuator

The tool is intuitive and easy to use and can be adjusted as needed. Instructional videos are available to familiarize yourself with the functions. The numbers entered in the data analysis application are separated by a number line and each number line contains information on what it means.

Rehab Valuator Pricing Structure

Rehab Valuator offers Free, Premium, and Pro options. Free option or Rehab Valuator Lite includes all the features in the Deal Analysis but does not include any from the Marketing Tool.

Premium Membership is at $49 per month which allows one user while the Pro Membership allows up to six users for the tool.

Review Summary

Rehab Valuator offers a wide range of tools to help you with analyzing your deal to earn your profit or return regardless of the type of real estate investing involved.

Review Summary


Combines with Data Analyzer, Project Management, and Marketing features, Rehab Valuator is one of the best real investment software tools that are available on the market. This tool can support your business and ensures that you get the correct costing on every aspect of your marketing strategy and exit strategy.

Ease of Use:

It is easy to use and can be customized to fit your marketing needs. Furthermore, it has instructional videos that are available to learn about the different features embedded in the tool. It does take some time to learn all about the functions especially when you are new to the real estate industry.

Customer Service:

Customer Support is available for all types of users regardless of their subscription and you can always rely on them to address your concerns. Furthermore, they have a user group where you can ask questions and be guided by fellow users and even by the owner of the company.

Value for Money:

Rehab Valuator stayed true to its promise of providing real estate analysis, giving easier access for marketing, and aiding investors in getting funds. It is a powerful software that you can use from acquisition to disposition.

Overall Rating: