Lead Generation REI Reply

Cold Calling, Text Blasting, Email, and Snail mail are just some of the marketing strategies that Real Estate Investors use to get leads. What if you can integrate these strategies into one tool?

Imagine a powerful all-in-one tool that combines the effectiveness of cold calling, text blasting, email, and snail mail, streamlining the lead generation process for real estate investors. This integrated solution would provide unparalleled convenience and efficiency that maximize outreach potential and drive higher conversion rates. With such a tool, investors could effortlessly reach a wider audience and optimize their marketing efforts to achieve remarkable results in their real estate ventures.

Let’s take a look at how REI Reply can help you in your daily routines.

What is REI Reply

Rei Reply is a multi-touch sequential marketing platform that enables you to create campaigns for text messages, emails, voicemails, and live calls.

It allows users to locate and arrange leads, get in touch with them without delay, and simply maintain track of all lead-to-client conversations.

Main Features and Benefits of Using REI Reply

REI Reply features are designed to help Real Estate Professionals generate and manage the entire lead journey in one platform. Let’s discuss the features and benefits below:

Landing Pages

REI Reply has a built-in Funnel Builder, Survey Builder and Click Funnel Clicker that generates leads from traffic and gets stored in the platform. This means you will no longer need separate website-building platforms like OnCarrot or PipeDrive.


Every aspect of functionality and automation is powered by triggers. It is then followed by Campaigns for automation and sequencing. Users may combine SMS, live calls, ringless voicemail, and even messenger notifications in a single campaign, thanks to this feature. Then, these are automatically and sequentially sent out. Furthermore, you may set up a trigger link to divert calls to a virtual assistant to ensure that someone is always present on the other end whenever a lead responds.

Converse with Leads and Customers in One Place

Whether it’s via SMS blasting, Facebook Messenger, calls, or emails, you can do all these using REI Reply API Integration. Users can manage communications with prospects, and track all the phone calls, voice drops, text messages, and email conversations you’ve had with your prospects or clients. You’ll have an all-in-one platform for skip tracing, texting, and dialing. This could possibly replace multiple tools that you are using like Lead Sherpa, Launch Control, CallRail, Calltools, REIPro, SlyBroadcast, Skipio, and other apps that are built for a single function.

Live Call Tracking

All inbound and outbound calls are recorded by the system. This includes voicemails, drop calls, and unanswered calls. Call recordings are important when identifying rooms for improvements and analyzing bottlenecks within the team structure.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing gives investors the opportunity to discover excellent investment possibilities that would be challenging to find using conventional methods and that other investors don’t have access to, providing them with a competitive advantage. REI Reply has Skip Tracing functionality in their platform, and this may save you from Propstream, SkipGenie and other Skip Tracing subscriptions.

User Experience of REI Reply

Real estate investing is a people-based industry; thus, REI professionals must maintain several contacts at once and make new contacts while managing their firm’s administrative facets. Users of REI Reply can automate these processes to save time and effort.

For instance, the pipelines’ function enables lead segmentation for real estate investors. This makes it possible for them to rapidly obtain a prospect’s information, streamlines follow-up, and enables users to swiftly construct focused marketing.

REI Reply promises a user-friendly platform, however, with all the features packed into one platform, it does need a more advanced interface. With all the functions displayed on the dashboard and shortcut buttons, you may get lost along the way. The good news is, they do offer a step-by-step training module on how to use the platform.

REI Reply Pricing Structure

REI Reply has a one-time set-up fee of $497 and a limited offer of $49 monthly subscription. The regular fee after the offer will be $99 per month. One subscription can have unlimited users; however, it does have a cap on usage. REI Reply has partnered with Twilio and this gives the user the option to upcharge for usage or pay as you go.

Review Summary

Most people hearing about REI Reply says, “It’s too good to be true”. Surprisingly, it is a powerful tool.

Review Summary


It has the capability to use all mediums for communication in just one click. Having the option to customize the automation is a plus.

Ease of Use:

With multiple functions packed into one platform, REI Reply needs a user-interface upgrade, and the usage cap is quite a challenge but again, training is available to help familiarize yourself with the tool.

Customer Service:

Customer service will always be there to assist you whenever needed. You have the option to contact them via email or over the phone. Expect turnaround times of around 3 hours for tickets though.

Value for Money:

With this platform, you can certainly save by eliminating subscriptions to apps that have a single function for communicating with your prospects, Skip Tracing, and website builders.

Overall Rating: