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When it comes to incorporating a global team into your business, it initially appears to be the most favorable route. However, complications arise when you are confronted with the daunting task of addressing benefits, compliance, and taxes. While numerous payroll solutions exist to handle these aspects for U.S.-based companies, you are left to navigate these complexities alone once you hire employees internationally or inter-state. This is where Remote Payroll comes in as a comprehensive solution, enabling you to effectively manage payroll and taxes for your entire global workforce while also offering customized benefits packages tailored to specific countries.

For businesses seeking an all-inclusive resolution for their international workforce, Remote Payroll presents itself as an appealing choice. Discover the essential details about this tool to understand how it can fulfill your requirements.

What is Remote Payroll?

Founded in 2019, Remote Payroll is a comprehensive platform for payroll and HR services, designed to cater to businesses of any size. It provides a range of solutions including international payroll management, benefits administration, tax handling, and compliance services. With Remote Payroll, businesses can efficiently handle invoicing and payment processing for their international employees and contractors, spanning more than 170 countries and supporting over 100 currencies.

Features and Benefits of Using Remote Payroll

Remote Payroll offers a range of features and benefits to assist businesses in managing their global payroll operations. Some of the key features and benefits of Remote Payroll include:

Centralized Payroll Management

Remote Payroll is a centralized platform that allows you to manage payroll for your whole global workforce. It enables you to unify employee data across various countries, optimize payroll operations, and assure correct and timely payouts.

International Payroll Compliance

The platform aids in the enforcement of local tax rules and regulations. It automatically adapts payroll procedures to accommodate regulatory changes, lowering the risk of non-compliance and the accompanying penalties.

Country-Specific Benefits Packages

Remote Payroll recognizes the significance of country-specific benefits. It provides customized benefits packages that are in accordance with local legislation and market standards, allowing you to give competitive benefits to your global workforce while maintaining compliance with regional laws.

Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

The software monitors and analyzes your global payroll processes by keeping track of changing rules and providing reporting and analytics capabilities. This feature keeps you up to date on payroll compliance and allows you to make data-driven decisions.

User Experience with Remote Payroll

Remote Payroll can save businesses a lot of time and effort by automating payroll operations and resolving difficult regulatory needs. It decreases errors and frees up resources to focus on other important parts of the business by eliminating the requirement for manual reconciliations. Furthermore, it provides a user-friendly interface that streamlines navigation and makes payroll duties easier to administer. The user-friendly design improves the user experience and shortens the learning curve for new users.

Pricing Structure

The initial cost for Remote’s basic plan – Employer of Record- is $699 per employee per month. However, there is an opportunity to save 14% if you opt for an annual payment upfront. If you have the need to compensate contractors, Remote provides a contractor management plan at $29 per contractor per month. This plan enables you to effortlessly generate 1099s for U.S. contractors and conveniently make payments to international contractors using their respective currencies.

Remote Payroll also offers a Global Payroll plan for multi-country payroll in countries where you have employees and a Remote Enterprise plan. Both plans have custom pricing, and you’ll need to book a consultation to get a quote.

Review Summary


Remote Payroll is a comprehensive solution that handles the issues of global payroll management and compliance. Its centralized payroll management, compliance automation, country-specific benefit packages, extensive reporting, user-friendly interface, and scalability make it an appealing alternative for companies looking to optimize their international payroll operations.

Ease of Use:

Remote Payroll is known for its user-friendly interface, which streamlines navigation and simplifies the management of payroll tasks. The intuitive design not only enhances the overall user experience but also minimizes the time and effort required for new users to become proficient with the system.

Customer Service:

In general, Remote Payroll provides exceptional support to its users. However, they may encounter some challenges when dealing with highly specific legal or payroll inquiries in individual locations. In such cases, it can take a few days to receive a response. Furthermore, the performance of their local payroll staff may occasionally exhibit inconsistencies.

Value for Money:

Remote Payroll is priced at a premium compared to its competitors. Nonetheless, it could suit your business if you have a global workforce or employees and contractors. With its seamless onboarding process, Remote Payroll ensures that pre-employment procedures can be carried out effortlessly, without encountering significant hurdles. Additionally, it boasts a network of international consultants who are well-versed in the dynamic labor regulations of different countries. These consultants provide valuable assistance in helping businesses adapt to and navigate the ever-changing landscape of labor regulations globally.

Overall Rating: