Communication Slack

Imagine staring blankly at your computer, waiting for an email response for a project update or a meeting schedule. Then you finally receive an email response only to go through email threads to make sure no information is missed.

Now envision all of these problems being sold by a single tool — and this is Slack.

Slack provides a centralized hub where teams can engage in meaningful discussions. In this review, we will explore the ins and outs of Slack and why many companies have placed their trust in it.

What is Slack?

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration platform that is designed to bring teams together, streamline communication, and foster collaboration in real time. Founded in 2013, Slack replaces traditional email threads and offers a more dynamic and organized way to communicate. Through Slack, teams communicate via channels that can be arranged according to a project, department, office, or just about anything else. Users now find it simple to follow the subjects that are significant to them. Everyone on the team has access to public channels, allowing marketing to see what the sales team is working on, what the management team is planning, and new recruits to quickly catch up rather than starting with a blank email inbox.

Slack seamlessly integrates with existing business tools and services, consolidating notifications, files, and data from numerous applications. This eliminates the need to sift through emails in search of a particular follow-up, constantly switch between various tabs and dashboards, or handle multiple tools, each requiring its own login. By centralizing everything, Slack empowers teams to work more efficiently, as it provides all the necessary information and context for making timely and informed decisions.

Everything shared on Slack is automatically indexed and archived, allowing companies to effortlessly build a comprehensive knowledge base simply by using the platform. With Slack’s powerful search functionality, users can easily retrieve the information they require whenever they need it.

Main Features and Benefits of Using Slack

To assist businesses in working more quickly and effectively, Slack provides a variety of communication, collaboration, and project management features.

Here are some of the key features of Slack.

Streamline Communication with Channel Organization

Channel is like the different departments of the company, and it can be public or private. It is a special area where you and your team members can communicate and share files pertaining to a certain project, subject of interest, or a specific topic.

Public channels are open for all members of the company or a team while private channels need the approval of the channel moderator. Every Slack channel’s messages are arranged in threads, and users can utilize emoticons and tags to make their conversations more interesting.

Voice and Video Conferencing

Slack has audio and video conferencing that allows users to communicate via audio call or video call. Integration with other video calling solutions like Zoom and Google Hangouts is also an option and users can make video calls without leaving the Slack interface.

Automate Tasks with Workflow Builder

All premium Slack users have access to the Workflow Builder, but owners and admins can limit access for particular users.

Users may automate repetitive multi-step tasks and processes using Slack’s Workflow Builder without writing any code. These workflows are carried out either directly in the Slack channels or through the integration of external applications. For example, information requests, data entry, initial sign-up for administrative tasks, and other repetitive processes can be automated with the Workflow Builder.

Search and Pin Information

Slack provides the option to search for information across or within specific channels in the platform. Users could either search for answers to previous inquiries using keywords, modifiers, or files that are shared in the channel. Users can also pin files shared, channels, or messages to their Slack so they stay on top of the list which lessens the time in hunting them down. Furthermore, channel administrators have the option to pin messages or files in their channel to make it visible to all members. Bookmarks and folders can also be added to the pin to organize useful links.

Integration and Large File Sharing

Slack allows to add up to 1GB of file size in the conversation. It has 2,400+ integrations with third-party applications.

Notify People

Using the @mention someone in a channel notifies the member that you have tagged on your message. For someone who is not in the channel, this will give them an invite to join the channel. Using a hashtag and the name of the channel or a public channel will notify all members that have access to the channel. This makes it easier for members to see if they have a new message specifically addressed to them or to the team.

Security and Enterprise Key Management

Security has always been a main concern in every communication app or platform, especially when it comes to business. Slack provides single sign-on, domain claiming, encryption, and enterprise key management to protect the data of its users.

User Experience with Slack

Slack is very simple, neat, and agile. It keeps all conversations well-organized and easy to find. It appears to be a straightforward chat tool that anyone can use right away without any hassles, even though it is a feature-rich application. Users can access the most crucial functionality with a single click, and the learning curve is generally relatively manageable.

Pricing Structure

Slack offers 90-day free access to all users, followed by Pro Plan at $87 per year and $8.75 if billed per month. The plan includes unlimited message history, unlimited apps and integrations, unlimited lightweight voice first huddles, and Slack connect channels. Business Plan comes with all the features of Pro Plan and guaranteed uptime, user provisioning and de-provisioning, SAML-based single sign-on, and data exports for all messages. This plan is $150 if billed yearly and $15 if billed monthly. Additional features are available with their Enterprise Grid and prices are available via contacting their sales team. Furthermore, users have the option to cancel their subscription at any time.

Review Summary


Slack provides a comprehensive solution for efficient and effective communication in the modern workplace. With its impressive array of features, it is a powerhouse in business collaboration.

Ease of Use:

Slack prides itself on its user-friendly nature, making it easy to set up and navigate without requiring extensive technical knowledge. Whether you're using the desktop version or the mobile application, the experience remains the same. However, some users have found it challenging to keep up with simultaneous conversations, particularly when actively participating in multiple channels. Despite this minor drawback, Slack remains a versatile and accessible platform for effective communication and collaboration within teams.

Customer Service:

Slack provides comprehensive support options to cater to user needs. Users can seek assistance through various channels, including phone, email, and chat. Customer support is available during extended business hours (9:00 am to 6:00 pm) from Monday to Friday, ensuring timely assistance. Additionally, Slack offers a knowledge base and help center, where users can access a wealth of articles and videos for tailored support. It's important to note that support levels vary across different plans. 24/7 support and rapid response times are exclusive to the top two tiers.

Value for Money:

While Slack has both free and paid plans, the paid plans provide additional benefits such as increased storage, advanced user administration, and enhanced security features. The paid plans also unlock more extensive integrations and access to customer support. Considering the significant improvements in productivity, streamlined workflows, and reduced communication bottlenecks that Slack offers, the investment in a paid plan can often result in substantial returns for businesses.

Overall Rating: