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A decade ago, remote work was uncommon. Typically, working from home was limited to specific cases involving families and considered a special arrangement. However, advancements in technology have revolutionized the way businesses operate, allowing some to thrive with fully remote teams.

As the trend of working from home is here to stay, it’s important to have insights into your team’s activities and time utilization. That’s where TeamLogger steps in as a powerful solution.

TeamLogger offers a comprehensive visual representation of the tasks and activities carried out by each member of your remote team. Let’s explore how TeamLogger aids in this modern work setting.

What is TeamLogger?

TeamLogger is a software application that combines time tracking and activity level monitoring, as well as automated screen capturing. You can properly monitor and measure how your employees use their time with TeamLogger. It also allows you to view their screens in real-time while they work. Employers and managers can easily obtain reports, time sheets, and screenshots via the TeamLogger dashboard.

Main Features and Benefits of Using TimeLogger

From automated time tracking and activity monitoring to comprehensive reporting, TeamLogger offers a suite of tools that empower you to effectively manage and optimize your remote workforce. Here are the key features of the program.

Offline Tracking Mode: There may be instances when employees face Internet connectivity issues. In such situations, TeamLogger operates discreetly by continuing to track time and save screenshots locally. When the Internet connection is restored, the accumulated data is seamlessly uploaded to the TeamLogger dashboard without any manual intervention.

Screenshot Monitoring: TeamLogger incorporates an automated screen capture feature that captures screenshots of users’ screens at regular intervals. To enhance security and reduce predictability, there are random fluctuations in the timing of these captures. Managers or admins have the flexibility to determine the frequency at which TeamLogger takes screenshots. By enabling burst mode, screenshots can be captured as frequently as every 30 seconds, allowing for more detailed monitoring if desired.

Attendance and Punctuality tracking: The platform automatically tracks and records various aspects of daily work attendance, including the time spent working, average working hours, and precise punch-in and punch-out records. This automated system ensures accurate and reliable tracking of employee attendance and work hours.

Application and Website Usage Tracking: This automated functionality provides you valuable insights into the digital activities of each member to help you understand their work habits and productivity across various digital platforms. It monitors and tracks the amount of time employees dedicated to different applications and websites.

Custom Branding Options: With TeamLogger, you have the advantage of having your own private subdomain, giving you complete ownership over your TeamLogger platform. This means you can personalize the online dashboard and the login screen with your company’s logo, providing a branded experience for your team. Your logo will prominently appear on both the login screen and the dashboard, ensuring a cohesive and professional representation of your company on your dedicated TeamLogger subdomain, which is accessible at [yourcompany]

Employee Idle Detection: For this feature, the timer intelligently pauses when an employee remains inactive on their computer for a certain period. This is customizable to meet your specific needs. You have the flexibility to enable or disable this functionality, and you can also adjust the timeout duration for each individual employee.

Webcam Photo Verification: TeamLogger offers the capability to capture simultaneous photos from the webcam, further ensuring that the employee is actively engaged in work while using their machine. Take note though that the implementation of this feature is contingent upon obtaining explicit consent from the employee during the installation of the tracking program. Without the employee’s consent, this feature will not be activated.

Project and Task-based Time Tracking: With TeamLogger, you gain the ability to easily keep tabs on the amount of time your teams invest in individual tasks and projects. This functionality allows you to track and analyze time allocation, providing valuable insights into how your teams are distributing their efforts.

Automated Email Reports and Client-Friendly Dashboard: TeamLogger offers you the flexibility to configure automatic email delivery of daily and weekly work reports for both employees and projects, based on your preferences. This feature allows you to effortlessly keep your managers and employees informed about the progress and activities of the team. Furthermore, you have the option to invite clients to view reports, screenshots, or both. With granular control, you can determine the specific user or project data that is visible to each client. Client accounts are completely free and do not count toward active employee accounts.

User Experience with TeamLogger

TeamLogger has a clean and organized dashboard that allows for effortless navigation and quick access to the desired information, making it a hassle-free experience for users of all technical backgrounds. Additionally, it excels in accurately capturing attendance records and capturing screenshots to provide a comprehensive tracking solution for optimal productivity management.

Pricing Structure

TeamLogger offers a one service-one plan pricing. Using the platform costs $1 per user per month. It also offers a 15-day trial with no credit card required.

Review Summary


With the features provided by TeamLogger, it stands as a very useful software for time and tracking activity. Users find he weekly screenshots download, and analysis an unbeatable feature. However, some users recommended an improvement of the user interface for a better look and usability.

Ease of Use:

TeamLogger's user-friendly nature minimizes the learning curve and maximizes user adoption.

Customer Service:

TeamLogger customer support can be contacted via email, Skype, WhatsApp, and over the phone. Users stated great customer support and are always ready to assist you making incredible products and service.

Value for Money:

TeamLogger effortlessly tackles all your tracking challenges, particularly in the context of remote work culture where monitoring employee activities becomes crucial. With its robust capabilities, TeamLogger ensures seamless tracking of every team member within your organization. This system is simply a great solution for tracking and managing remote teams.

Overall Rating: