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Are you looking for a simple and powerful payment solution?

WP EasyPay emerges as the game-changer you’ve been searching for, offering a seamless integration of Square Payments into your WordPress site. With WP EasyPay, you can effortlessly accept payments, connect with more buyers, and supercharge your site conversions. Imagine the possibilities when your customers can complete transactions quickly and securely, without any unnecessary friction. WP EasyPay lets you unlock the full potential of your WordPress website, turning it into a thriving e-commerce hub.

What is WP EasyPay?

WP EasyPay is a dynamic Square payment gateway plugin for WordPress. It empowers users to seamlessly accept a wide range of payments, including simple donations, recurring donations, and subscription payments. With this powerful plugin at your fingertips, you can effortlessly enable secure and instant transactions, revolutionizing the way you receive funds online.

WP EasyPay lets you connect to your Square account and accept payments directly from your forms. The plugin’s form builder has drag-and-drop capability, making it simple for anyone to start accepting online credit card payments instantly, without the headaches of setting up a complicated shopping cart system.

Main Features and Benefits of Using WP EasyPay

Craft and personalize payment forms, buttons, and popups on your WordPress site.

Utilize an advanced form builder to construct both straightforward and intricate payment forms, featuring form layout assistance, drag-and-drop capabilities, URL redirection, custom fields, styling options, and other functionalities.

You can add multiple amount layouts on your payment form, multiple tabs, multiple amount layout, date and time, and other fields to suit your specific needs.

Furthermore, WP EasyPay provides various styling options to match your payment forms with your website’s branding. You can customize colors, fonts, button styles, and other visual elements to create a cohesive and professional look.

Process Square payments directly on your WordPress website.

With interactive forms, buttons, and pop-ups, you can easily collect payments through different channels, enhancing convenience for both you and your customers. This allows visitors to make payments without leaving your site. Customers can securely enter their payment information directly on your WordPress pages, boosting trust and improving conversion rates.

Create, pause, and run subscription reports.

With WP EasyPay’s subscription management system, you can effortlessly handle subscription-related tasks on your WordPress website. You can create new subscriptions, manage payment schedules, and generate comprehensive invoice reports. You can also end subscriptions and create new a new one or pause and run subscriptions whenever needed. You can also export and download transaction reports and select fields that you would like to be included.

Security and Integration

WP EasyPay can be integrated with other platforms and plug-ins to further simplify the payment process. You can automate your email campaigns with Mailchimp. You can accept various digital payments from Google Pay, Apple Pay, ACH payments, Cash app, and other major digital payments. Connect to your Square sandbox account effortlessly, without the need for manual credential copying from the developer app to the plugin. Or add your payment form’s shortcode to any page or post via Gutenberg.

WP EasyPay prioritizes security with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and captcha support to make sure that your forms remain secure and spam-free.

User Experience of WP EasyPay

WP EasyPay ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage payments. The intuitive dashboard provides quick access to all essential features, allowing you to set up payment forms, customize settings, and monitor transactions with ease.

Pricing Structure

WP Easy Pay has a free plan that accepts simple payment and donation payments and users can use it to as many websites as they need. Additional features are available as your plan goes higher. Starter plan is $49 per year, Professional at $99 per year, and Business at $249 per year.

Review Summary


WP EasyPay has phenomenal features that make the website payment process faster and safer.

Ease of Use:

WP EasyPay interface is easy to configure along with its plug-ins. It gives a simple and painless experience for both users and customers in making payments and donations.

Customer Service:

WP EasyPay technical support can be contacted through their support page and via email. Most users gave positive feedback on the level of assistance that they were able to get from the technical support team, however, some users gave negative feedback on their level of support specially when it comes to billing concerns.

Value for Money:

The decision of whether WP EasyPay is worth it depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. The good news is it offers a free plan with unlimited sites that you can use to test it out. But in general, WP EasyPay does what it's supposed to do as a payment gateway which gives it good value for your money.

Overall Rating: