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Why Real Estate Investors Should Be Using LinkedIn Newsletters

December 19, 2022 by admin

To put it simply, for those that like a TL;DR: It brings in more leads, secures more clients, and expands your network. But let’s explore these in some more detail. After all, LinkedIn is a free resource, that allows you free, efficient networking, and for real estate investors, taking advantage of this should be a no-brainer.

Yet, it seems to not be as heavily adopted as you might expect. Why that is probably comes down to the time investment needed to write engaging content, but more probable is that many investors simply haven’t given it much thought, and don’t realize how beneficial it can be for them.

LinkedIn Newsletters Let You Bring in More Leads

To summarize, a LinkedIn newsletter is a powerful networking tool that allows you to engage with your audience more directly, because these newsletters can be sent straight to the inbox of those that subscribe to you. In fact, subscribers are notified twice about your newsletter, once on the site, and another through email.

This allows for another level of lead capture with those that have expressed interest in you, and it can be particularly effective because your audience isn’t restricted to those on LinkedIn. Of course, if you’re lucky, your newsletter could be seen by many more on the feed, because all LinkedIn members can discover, read, and share newsletters. But what’s more, is that newsletters are indexed on search engines, so if your content is particularly informative, it could be seen and referenced by anyone searching the web.

LinkedIn Newsletters Let You Secure More Clients

All considered, it’s a great idea to post a LinkedIn newsletter, because it gives you an opportunity to connect with your followers with meaningful content, and thus offers you a chance to secure more clients. Those people who followed you several weeks ago? Consider them notified of your existence once more, because the first newsletter you publish is automatically sent out to all your existing followers.

Think it might be good to wait on it then? Think again, because all new followers will be notified in the same way once you publish your next newsletter! Talk about double engagement. If you post newsletters for your audience regularly, then every person who follows you will be notified at least once more after following.

Remember though, that what will actually secure you more clients is not the notifications they receive, but the content they read. So, write quality content, that anyone in your target audience would find informative (or delegate to an assistant who can), and you will open your business up to many more opportunities!

LinkedIn Newsletters Let You Expand Your Network

Which brings us to the last reason that real estate investors should be taking full advantage of a LinkedIn newsletter, which is that it expands your network and reach. Because if the fact that your newsletter could potentially reach the first page of Google by taking advantage of LinkedIn’s trusted domain authority wasn’t good enough, then rest assured, there’s more.

Yes, that’s because a LinkedIn newsletter is more than just a newsletter. They are also articles, which means all the benefits of writing articles on LinkedIn, such as the multiple sharing options, notifications, and writing of authoritative content that can be referenced and linked back by others all apply. Writing newsletters on LinkedIn will not be a silo for your business, and your efforts spent will not be wasted. There is every reason to include it as a part of your overall marketing strategy.

How to Start Publishing Newsletters on LinkedIn

Since you’re still here, and possibly interested in taking advantage of this feature, I’ll briefly outline the steps you need to take:

  1. Turn Creator Mode On – This can be found in the private Resources section of your Profile.
  2. Make a Post – If you haven’t posted any content in the last 3 months, make one now (or soon, this is the second criteria for posting a newsletter here).
  3. Click Create an Article in the section to make a post. Within that editor, is the option to publish the article as a newsletter. Note that articles already published may be repurposed as material for your newsletter.
  4. Fill out the details, which convey the value and information you wish to impart to your audience, but which may be changed later on: Newsletter Title, Newsletter Description, Logo, and Anticipated Schedule.
  5. Post quality, relative content on a regular basis, which can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. If you don’t have much time to dedicate but still want to take advantage of the great opportunity to connect regularly with your clients and leads, then at least make room for a monthly schedule.

Managing LinkedIn Newsletters on a Schedule

Maybe you’re still left feeling like this takes too much time though. You would like all the benefits that come with this, but you’re a busy real estate investor that barely has enough time to sleep these days, much less write an engaging newsletter for people that may or may not connect with you.

To this, note that you can repurpose old articles and material, both from LinkedIn and off your personal or business site itself. This should greatly alleviate the stress and burden of taking on another time commitment, and remember this should just be another part of your overall networking strategy.

If you still feel pressed for time though, remember that people like me are happy to write for you instead. I work for REPS, Real Estate Project Solutions, and I’m happy to work for you too. I’d also be just as happy if you subscribed to this newsletter, so we can stay connected, and I can publish more helpful content for you to read.

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